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Bomb victims of latest Lahore bomb attack need your help


8 dead and 39 injured including two Christians killed in latest Lahore blast

Amber Saroya our full-time BPCA officer for Lahore visited the survivors of the recent blast that ripped through Alferno Cafe. (click here)

The explosion occurred at 11:17am (6am GMT) on 23rd February in the basement of the newly built cafe, which was to be officially inaugurated two days later. Eight people two of whom were Christians were killed immediately. There were also 39 casualties 4 of them Christian.

Initially the Government of Pakistan declared the blast was caused by a bomb attack later they issued a statement explaining that the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder explosion. Many commentators have posited that a cover up is taking place. They believe the Government is unwilling to admit they have lost control of the city of Lahore. Lahore is known as a centre for support for Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League - N party. A second bomb attack in 10 days following the bomb attack outside the Punjab Assembly (click here)which killed 13 people, would be an insidious sign for PML-N and would undermine their status as the ruling party.

Ambar's primary role was to counsel and pray for victims irrespective of their faith and then to offer any assistance possible. Although a few Muslims allowed Ambar to pray with them.

Ambar visited four Hospitals on the day of the attack: Adil Hospital, National Hospital, Jinnah Hospital and General Hospital. Adil and National Hospital refused to provide details of victims due to security reasons. Only immediate family members were able to circumvent the tight security protocol.

By the time our officer reached Jinnah hospital Ambar found two Muslim patients one of whom was discharged after treatment of minor injuries and the other was hospitalized for a few days. Ambar prayed for the admitted patient but left quickly as he was unconscious and no family members were around at that time. She did not take pictures.

At General hospital Ambar received a list of 25 patients among the victims she found four Christians. Mr Sunny Khokhar (35 yrs), who was an assistant manager at Alferno restaurant is married and has five children. His wife Rubina (36 yrs) and children Hina (24 yrs), Kanwal (23 yrs), Akash (21yrs), Rabbia (20 yrs) Sobia (12yrs) were comforting him when Ambar arrived. The blast occurred within the basement of Sunny's place of work. A month earlier he had been appointed as assistant manager for the restaurant which had been newly constructed. On the opening day of the restaurant Sunny had been filled with excitement this job was permanent and paid well, he was looking forward to a bright future. Then the bomb erupted. Sadly Sunny Khokhar was hit by shrapnel within the incendiary devices that has caused serious damage to his left hand. He has been advised to take one month of work due to shattered bones. Sunny has also been informed that his employers death means he has no job to return too. Sunny is seeking help towards his lost salary of £196 for a month.

Sunny Khokhar

Sunny Dawood (26yrs) worked in the same restaurant as Sunny Khokhar he was was employed as a cleaner at the restaurant. Sunny is married with 2 sons; Simon (3yrs) and Shamoun (1 yr), his wife is Reeta (24yrs) all were with him at the hospital. On hearing the blast he jumped out of a window on the 2nd floor, fearing the building might collapse. He injured both his legs and his left arm but will recover. He has been told he must rest for two weeks and has also been advised that he will not have a job to return to due to the death of the owner. Sunny Dawood would like help with the loss of one months wages at £118.

Sunny Dawood

Zeeshan Emanuel (16 yrs) was employed as a cleaner at United Bank. He was struck in the head by two ball bearings that had been emitted from the bomb. He was operated on immediately but will require 3 weeks rest to recover. Zeeshan has 5 siblings three of whom are married Shahzad (26 years), Maria (24 years) Alia, (age 20 years). Two of his siblings are not married Shehrish (17 yrs), Zeshan (16yrs). Zeeshan's father passed away 10 year's ago and because the eldest three children have married and support their own homes, he has become the main breadwinner for his family. Ambar believes this family is most in need. Zeeshan would like help with one months wages of £86.

Zeeshan Emmanuel

Aqib Ashiq (16 yrs) was hit just below the right eye by a ball bearing emitted from the bomb. Aqib was employed as a cleaner at Alferno
cafe and is now jobless after the death of his employer. His father and mother are both cleaners on very limited wages.
After his older brother Saqib (19yrs) was selected for a medical course at 'Centre of Financial Excellence, Aqib's parents asked Aqib to start work that together they might pay for additional cost for Saqib over and above his bursary. Aqib also has two younger siblings Asma (14 yrs) and Zakeria (11 yrs) who attend school. Aqib had the worst injuries and has been told to rest for a month. He may lose some of the sight from his right eye. Aqib would like help with £86 for one months wages.

Two Christian men were killed in the bomb attack.

Mr Richard (30yrs) was the appointed Manager of Alferno Cafe and was killed instantly after the explosion tore into his body. He was a student on his second year of a theology course at the Gull Gospel Assemblies bible college. His father Munir Samuel is the Pastor for the FGA church. Mr Richard leaves behind a wife and two children and the BPCA would like to raise £200 to present to the family to cover the costs of his funeral and towards the help of those he has left behind.

Mr Richard

Another Christian man named Mr Imran was also killed instantly he was General Secretary of the FGA Church. We have no further details for him yet but would like to raise £200 in support of his family who will also have lost an earner.

Please pray for peace and stability in Pakistan

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Pakistani Christian mother Fouzia rescued again after being returned to forced marriage abductor

A Muslim man forcibly married and converted a Christian woman and mother of three to Islam, after he abducted her following an impromptu request for cleaning services at his residence on 23rd July 2015.

Divorcee Fouzia Sadiq (31 yrs), had separated from her husband a few years earlier after he had secretly married another woman.

Fouzia took up cleaning as an employment to help her family who were supporting her even though they were in great poverty. When her Muslim employer Muhammed Nazir Amjad (61 yrs) lost his wife he started to make sexual advances on Fouzia even though she had no desire for him.

Fouzia told one of Muhammed Nazir's daughters about the unsolicited behaviour from her father but was met with a slap and a severe scolding. She was told never to return to the home of Muhammed Nazir, which suited her fine.
However, a few days later Muhammed Nazir who also owned her family (they were contracted into slavery), demanded Fouzia return back for cleaning. He used the visit to his home as an opportunity to rape Fouzia and then forcibly convert her to Islam while marrying her.

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BPCA were asked to help her family around a week later and moved by her plight decided to rescue Fouzia from her predicament. Read full story (click here).

Fouzia was provided a secret phone by the BPCA and with help of her family members was able to escape the clutches of Muhammed Nazir Amjad (61 yrs) in a globally reported news story, just over a year ago. Read full story (click here)

British Pakistani Christian Association launched an appeal for Fouzia to be given asylum in the west
(click here).

The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Pakistan and the British Embassy in Pakistan denied Fouzia any avenue for esacpe. The UNHRC failed to respond to our emails at all and the British High Commission sent a very perfunctory response:

"We have received your email below.

Please be advised as a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, the UK fully considers all asylum applications lodged in the UK. However, the UK's international obligations under the Convention do not extend to the consideration of asylum applications lodged abroad and there is no provision in our Immigration Rules for someone abroad to be given permission to travel to the UK to seek asylum. The policy guidance on the discretionary referral to the UK Border Agency of applications for asylum by individuals in a third country who have not been recognised as refugees by another country or by the UNHCR under its mandate, has been withdrawn. No applications will be considered by a UK visa-issuing post or by the UK Border Agency pending a review of the policy and guidance.

You may wish to approach UNHCR for advice or assistance, they can be contacted via their website at

British High Commission"

Under overwhelming duress applied by the Muslim family of Muhammed Nazir (their master) which included police coercion, Fouzia's family returned the escapee to her captor. Read full story (here). The family are all brick workers and are bonded labourers (modern day slaves), they have few rights and little power. The justice system works against them in a society that is more feudal then democratic. Any condemnation of the family would be misguided they had little choice in this decision. If anything the illustrated failing is one created by biased statutory forces and a Government who has failed them.

BPCA did not give up and working with the cousin of Fouzia and one loyal brother Paris, together they were able to help Fouzia escape her captors on 27th October 2016. We have kept her story under the radar and have provided her with shelter and employment allowing her some time to convalesce.

Fouzia is now in a place of safety but remains in a country with a poor sense of justice, especially for Christians. There is little hope for a good future there. Laws and cultural bias mean that Fouzia will probably lose her campaign for an annulment of her forced marriage, placing her in an extremely dangerous position. She feels a constant fear that she will be captured once again, which would mean a return to sexual slavery for a lecherous rapist. Even then she has asked for us to fight a legal battle for her freedom.

Fouzia has described a despicable existence in the home of Muhammed Nazir. She was forced to cook and clean for him, was beaten and tortured by Muhhamed Nazir and his family and was required to satisfy his sexual desires at his whim.

Fouzia spent most of her time alone and would weep daily praying for freedom. When she was returned by her family to the monster who had terrorized her so brutally, she reached her lowest point. Fouzia at that point started to engage in self harm.

Fouzia said:

"I thought God had left me and wanted to end my life. I stopped praying and hated myself I thought I was evil and had done something to make God hate me.

"I felt dirty and unclean all the time the monster made me do things I am so ashamed of. But I had no choice. It made me angry that God was blaming me.

"I reached my lowest point and tried to commit suicide by taking some pills. I was rushed to the hospital and the monster used the opportunity to remove my ovaries, so I would not have any more children."

"I could not even kill myself, I felt totally helpless. I realized I was not getting out of this life on my own and asked God to forgive my mistrust in Him. I decided to use any spare minute to pray for freedom.

"The only time I felt any peace was when I prayed. God was my only company.

"One day my cousin secretly gave me a phone that the BPCA had provided, I realized God had not forgotten me. He was there for me just as he had always been.

"With the phone I was able to escape the clutches of a monster and his evil family. Now I pray for freedom from the forced marriage that I am shackled by."

BPCA has kept Fouzia in safety for a few months but now she has a desire to be set free of her forced marriage.

Fouzia believes that God will see her through this difficult period by providing an annulment. She believes this will pave the way for many other Christian women and girls to escape equally torturous forced Islamic marriage. She has asked for Christians across the globe to join hearts and hands and pray for her as she begins this battle.

To help Fouzia with her legal battle we need to raise £1500 for a professional solicitor. We are also seeking help towards the ongoing costs of our safe houses which help many women and girls in a similar position. If you would like to donate (click here).

Please sign our petition (click here)

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Love for Shama and Shahzad's Children

Words fail to describe the horror felt by the church in Pakistan after a young Christian couple, Shahzad and his pregnant wife Shama, were brutally burnt alive and murdered near Chak 59 Village, Kot Radha Kishan, some 60km from Lahore on 4th November 2014. Their four children were left parentless following the ordeal at the hands of a huge Islamist mob, gathered from nearby villages, whose act of killing the couple attracted attention from worldwide media. The violence was sparked because Shama burnt occult amulet writings previously owned by her husband Shahzad's deceased father – and some people wrongly thought she was burning the Koran.
A mob descended on the couple's home, stripped them both naked – beat them and the wife was gang-raped before her helpless husband. A tractor was used to drag them along a rocky road before they were thrown into a 600 degree hot brick kiln and left to die. The mob nearly threw the couple's youngest child into the fire but were eventually prevented by the little conscience they had.

What goes through the minds of a helpless parent who knows they will never see their children again?

But what goes through the mind of a child who has watched their parents, their protectors burned alive?

The couple's three children: Suleman, Sonia and Poonam will be scarred for life by what happened that day. A fourth child, a boy called Zeeshan, was previously given to an uncle for adoption because they could not afford to keep him.
Please help us to help them

The BPCA has been working directly with the children and other members of their affected family, following the murders. Money from kind donors has hired a live-in nanny for the youngsters for at least the next year. Click here to see the profound effect this has had on the children who now have a maternal figure. We also support the children's current guardian, grandfather Mukhtar Masih and the little ones themselves with essential counselling, professional and financial support until the ages of 18. With your donations we bring much needed normality and spiritual growth to these suffering children.

If you would like to give towards the ongoing benevolent fund for these children, then please click the 'Donate' button at the top right hand corner of the site or use these  bank details:

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Give via PayPal using our email address: info@britishpakistanichristians.co.uk 

Cheques should be made payable for the  BPCA  to our address:  57 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1XG.

Thank you.


With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan.

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Communal Toilet Facility

The average householder in Europe or the USA could never imagine not having a toilet. Access to a WC is seen almost as a natural right but Pakistani believers do not all have this same privilege. Low levels of income mean that toilets are a luxury few can afford, yet there is a dangerous risk to personal health and safety through the lack of proper hygiene facilities. That is why the BPCA intends to construct a £15,000 communal toilet facility in Jaranwala when land becomes available. We are also building five pumps in local homes and we need donations to enable us to serve 40 further Christian families. We wish to install toilets and bathroom facilities with pumps affixed to the believers' homes that will facilitate five closet clusters. (click here for one example) .

If you would like to give towards our ongoing relief work then please click the 'Donate' button at the top right hand corner of the site or use these bank details:

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Give via PayPal using our email address: info@britishpakistanichristians.co.uk

Cheques should be made payable for the BPCA to our address: 57 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1XG.

Thank you.

With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan.

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Here Is How Your Donations Help:Thank You!

                      BPCA officer with the son of murdered Christian martyrs Shahzad and Shama

We work with diverse community groups in Pakistan to push for human rights for Christians and other minorities. To find out more please click here.

To view our latest appeals and find out how you can help please click here.

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Support for Victims of the Peshawar Twin Bomb attack

BPCA has continually been supporting the victims of the twin suicide bombing which occurred in Peshawar on 22nd September 2013. The attack killed over 100 people and left a further 156 long term casualties. The incident has been deemed the worst ever attack on the Pakistani Christian minority and is commensurate with the increasing hatred resonating towards Christians residing in the Middle-East.

Our work, which has been funded by All Saints Church, Ascot and the Elim Pentecostal Mission to name but a few of the donors, has been providing free medical treatment for long term patients;  we have paid for replacement limbs, wheelchairs, and airsprung mattresses for badly wounded victims who were previously sleeping on the floor; and providing nourishment packages.  We have also covered the educational costs of children left orphaned or with no parent able to support them financially through the educational system, due to loss of a main breadwinner.

The need is so great and we call on people of good conscience to provide us with the funds required to bring some quality of life to a very beleaguered community.

Further details can be found following the links below:






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We are collecting funds towards two art monuments to be installed in Pakistan. We envisage the overall cost for each scheme will be £10,000.

A monument is proposed for Islamabad and will remind people in the city of the sacrifice made by Pervez Masih who sacrificed his life to save the 400 Muslim girls in the Islamic University of Islamabad on the 20th October 2009. This college janitor ran to shield students - a target for the suicide bomber who had entered the grounds of the college he worked for. In the ensuing struggle, Mr Masih was killed without any further loss of life or injury. Art has been an intrinsic factor to global legislative and cultural reform and the BPCA wish to use our monument to promote peace, hope and unity by highlighting the compassion and love shown by this Christian hero. He sacrificed his life in the pursuit of the safety of others, all of whom were of a different faith - showing that love can overcome all differences.

Ref: BPCA/Masih Monument

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Recently the BPCA has called for a cessation to Foreign aid to Pakistan and we encourage visitors to thsi site to sign our on-line petition:


Aid that is targeted at Pakistan generally, particularly in education, will almost certainly serve to perpetuate the ongoing discrimination and oppression of religious minorities, given the fact that such discrimination is endemic and inbuilt into the fabric of Pakistani society. Whilst raising levels of illiteracy is good, they say, the fact is that levels of illiteracy are far greater among Christians and other minorities than among the wider population – only seven per cent of minorities gain an adequate level of literacy.

Primary causes are the fact that due to poverty worsened by discrimination, many Christians can’t afford to send their children to school, but instead must send them out to work and earn money for the family to survive. There are free schools in Pakistan, but their standard is generally poor, and most minority parents can’t afford the travel costs as they are often in awkward areas. In addition, these schools are often in areas where Christian children are especially vulnerable whilst travelling – the kidnap, rape, and forced marriage and conversion of teenage Christian school girls whilst travelling to school is far too common an occurrence.

Even when at school, Christian children are frequently subjected to discrimination, bullying from teachers and other pupils, and are required to recite Muslim prayers. In other words, education in Pakistan is frequently Islamicising in a coercive manner. Islamic studies is mandatory, and parents are afraid of proselytising, and forced conversions of their vulnerable children, as well as the way minorities are pilloried and falsely depicted in history lessons.

A report produced by USICRF stated: "Our review of public-school textbooks and other materials has found intolerant references against religious minorities, particularly Hindus, Christians and non-Sunni forms of Islam. Fifth-grade-level textbooks have accused Hindus of dishonest dealings with Muslims. In addition, some of Pakistan's thousands of religious schools include texts with an interpretation of Islam that promotes religious extremism and provides ideological training to those involved in religiously motivated violence, both in Pakistan and abroad."

To address these problems, the BPCA is proposing a bursary to help vulnerable Christian students get into better schools, whilst having a system of monitoring by local agents to monitor the schools to make sure no bullying or inappropriate behaviour towards the children occurs. The BPCA educational benevolent fund will award bursaries to students of all levels, allowing them access to high quality schools in Pakistan, so that the most poverty stricken members of that community can find that essential voice which will empower them to live with dignity as Christians and equal citizens of Pakistan, and make them less vulnerable to exploitation through legal, economic and other mechanisms.

Read our article in Christian today here:


Ref: BPCA/Education

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We seek funding towards our ongoing administration costs and are seeking churches, groups or individuals that would like to contribute between £10 - £50 per month or more. Our work has done much to highlight the plight of Pakistani Christians, has created better awareness of our community and continues to unite the international Pakistani Christian diaspora.

If you would like to support any of our schemes please do send your contributions by cheque payable to;

British Pakistani Christian Association.

Post to;
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