Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


13 Y/O humanitarian stuns 100's of Londoners to silence as she explained an estimated 700 Christian girls are raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year in Pakistan

Hannah Chowdhry speaks out for young Christian rape and forced marriage victims in Pakistan Last night on the steps of Westminster Cathedral 100's of Londoners were shocked into silence as a 13 year old student volunteer for the British Pakistani Christian Association, described the torturous life that faces Christians in Pakistan. Hannah Chowdhry who is a student at Kantor King Solomon, High School in Barkingside, Redbridge and a volunteer for the BPCA, spoke of the suffering of millions of Christians in Pakistan, during a presentation that she read out to Londoners who amassed outside Westminster Cathedral last night (22nd November 2017).   The atmospher...

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BPCA pays fines for 6 Pak-Christians arrested in Bangkok

This morning (11am 23rd Nov) British Pakistani Christian Association paid the court fines for the 6 Pakistani Christians recently arrested by Thai authorities in Pakistan. The family were arrested on 21st November during raids which were ostensibly in place to root out illegal drug dealers and human traffickers, however as usual it was Pakistani Christians who became the main target. Not one of them has been convicted of any crime but overstaying their visa Francis Dabrera our local friend shared his view on the arrest, he said: "The Thai Immigration Police arrested Asif Hasro (46 yrs) and his wife Aneela (43 yrs), and their 4 grown up children Eli...

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Family of 6 Pak-Christian asylum seekers arrested in Thailand

At 10 am this morning (21 November 2017) a family of six struggling asylum seekers in Bangkok were arrested by Thai police for overstaying their visiting visas. Sadly for the family despite a claim that they still uphold as true they had their asylum application rejected by the UNHCR recently meaning they now will receive no further help from the UNHCR. Fearing for their lives should they return to Pakistan where they had fled persecution, the family chose to live under the radar in Thailand were they were being exploited and earning a pittance, but they felt it was safer then returning to their homeland in Pakistan. A friend of the BPCA, ...

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Hindu Patriarch beats family and throws them out of his home for converting to Christianity

A family of five in the State of Haryana in Northern India is struggling to make ends meet as winter approaches after refusing to give up their Christian faith at the behest of the family patriarch. The patriarch namely Ramesh Kumar, a Hindu, is scandalized by his family coming to faith in Jesus Christ which is a very common occurrence in India despite the risks.  In many States anti-conversions laws exist, changing one's faith from Hinduism is abhorred and can lead to extreme violence. In February of this year Mr Kumar, a married father of four, decided he could no longer tolerate his family's attendance at a local church, and demand...

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Faith Makes a Difference in Brick Kiln Communities

This report highlighting our BPCA Outreach Minister's visit to two brick kiln communities: Kasur, where the school is to be built; and in Bala , where meetings were held to support existing church leadership and the encouraging results of audio Bibles in the life of believers became apparent. Brother Leighton's report is as follows: On the 9th we visited the premises where the school will be built in Kasur. Progress has been made, what with foundations being laid now for the walks to be built. We conducted a short prayer with Miss Grace, and visited the local brick kiln community. These people are the poorest of the poor, they have nothing of v...

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Jesus Christ Carries the Emotional Pain of Injustice

  On the 14th we undertook to visit Burewala, in order to visit the family of Sharoon Masih, a young teenager who was tragically killed, all because of an argument over which water cooler to drink from. The truth being, that he was picked on because he dared to drink from the cooler that was for Muslims only. This has sinister connotations with the situation in the Deep South of America, where once upon a time not so long ago, racial segregation was a reality. The same seems to be apparent in parts of Pakistan, where Christians daily face the fear of persecution and discrimination due to religious grounds. Upon meeting the family ...

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Indian Pastor arrested in Kuwait faces judgement Sunday

Pastor Shibu Mathew and his family Kuwaiti authorities have arrested an Indian Pastor after he allegedly spoke against Islam in a Christian-Islam debate group.  Rev. Shibu Mathew was a participant at a faith debate at Christ Embassy Church in Mangaf (a suburb of Kuwait city), the event was put on by both Muslim and Christian groups in agreement.  However, a few Muslims of Malayalam origins who were apparently unhappy with their inability to defend their own beliefs filed a complaint against their Indian compatriot with the Kuwaiti police.  One wonders why these individuals would attend such a group if they felt the...

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Pakistan Embassy accused of Bigotry for refusing Christian convert accurate Identity Card

In recent months BPCA has been alarmed by failures by the Pak-Government to resolve gravely highlighted apostasy practice that is causing hurt, financial loss and flaunts the vaunted international freedoms of Article 18 of the UN Human Rights Convention for which Pakistan is a signatory.  Evidence of this bias has emerged through the innocuous process of applying for a passport and 'National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis' (NICOP) card by Nissar Hussain and his family ,who have bravely openly declared adherence to the Christian faith despite the threat of death and persecution that such actions inherently illicit.  Nissar Hussain, a co...

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It was an honour to carry poppy wreath in church, I wept as I thought of all the fallen soldiers - said poppy hero Tajamal.

A Pakistani Christian asylum seeker who escaped Pakistan after being shot for not converting to Islam, was in tears over the privilege given to him on Remembrance Sunday, when he had the opportunity to lay a wreath of poppies for all those who have fallen in duty. Mr Tajamal Amar a poppy hero was badly beaten by Muslims on 20th October 2017 for his support of British forces and displaying a cross (click here).  The attack left him unconscious for six hours and with serious amnesia when he awoke.  Mr Amar was initially admitted to Royal Derby Hospital for 48 hours and then later was later re-admitted to Royal Derby Hospital and t...

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Poppy hero Tajamal beaten by Muslims for his support of British forces is admitted back into hospital

Poppy hero and long term supporter of the British forces Tajamal Amar who was badly beaten by Muslims on 20th October 2017 for his support of British forces (click here), was readmitted to hospital on Wednesday 1st November after serious excessive bleeding was detected in his skull, following a visit to Royal Derby hospital due to severe headaches. Tajamal Amar explained how after a meeting with local police for some further interviews on 19th October, he later became concerned about increasing pain in his head region which exacerbated overnight.  The next morning Tajamal and his wife drove to Royal Derby Hospital where he underwent severa...

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