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Widow of 36 Y/O asylum seeker (father of three) killed in Thailand's brutal IDC wants justice

A mother stranded in Thailand with three children is calling for immediate assistance form the UNHCR and Thai Government who she believes is responsible for her husbands death. Ijaz Patras Masih a detainee with a known heart condition died on 27th May 2017 after he was put through a strenuous exercise routine with other inmate at the brutal Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), in Bangkok. His physical capacity to cope with any form of exertion was massively diminished as IDC staff refused to allow him access to medicine and failed to ensure he received the regular medical assessments, that his condition required him to undergo for his safety. ...

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Children performing well at our two schools in Thailand but your help is required to improve learning process

Out two schools for asylum seekers in Thailand have been busy and children who performed exceptionally well at both schools have received certificates of excellence and some small prizes, to further stimulate their passion for learning.  This report continues after next six images.  One of our schools has now been in operation for over two years and parents across the asylum seeker community regularly place their trust in us to care appropriately for their children and to provide a learning platform for children who otherwise would have little or no opportunity. Our model is a s...

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BPCA prints free outreach material for Christian groups and churches

British Pakistani Christian Association has printed 5000 of each of these outreach flyers and a further 6 are in the process of being printed.  These flyers will be distributed for free to churches and Christian groups across the globe. All you have to do is contact us and pay for the postage in batches restricted to a maximum of 100.  If you would like to order some please call +44 (0) 20 8514 0861 or email admin@britishpakistanichristians.org with your orders.  Hurry while stocks last.  

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BPCA teenage volunteer attends House of Lords tea event

Hannah Chowdhry with Lord David Alton A student from the London Borough of Redbridge visited the House of Lords for a tea and talk meeting on international Christian persecution, after receiving a personal invitation from Baron Alton of Liverpool. Hannah Chowdhry a student at Kantor King Solomon High School is also a lead volunteer with the British Pakistani Christian Association. Her duties including responding to emails and calls, building databases, preparing an Easter and Christmas window display and invoice reconciliation. She also has acted as an ambassador for the group a role which has seen her deliver a wreath of flowers...

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Christian teenager killed by police officer and his cronies after beating Muslim bully in fight

A Christian teenager of only 15 years was beaten to death by a group of six Policemen in a village called Jabbran district in Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan. Arslan Masih was an 8th grader at Government High School when two days ago he got into a fight at his school, with a Muslim boy whose uncle was a police officer.  Salem Iqbal, from Isaac TV has reported that the initial fight was due to attempts to convert Arslan to Islam.  However this has not yet been corroborated. One eyewitness said: "The Muslim students hated Arslan because they said his faith made him impure.  They called him disgusting names and used foul language tha...

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Pakistani Christian and Two Hindus narrowly escape blasphemy charges due to community support.

L-R Adil Masih, Bhola Ram and his wife. Two Hindus - one who is a teenager and a young Christian man in Dunga Bunga, Bhawalnagar, Pakistan were accused of committing a blasphemy by burning a Quran on 28th September 2017.  Bhola Ram (50 yrs), Vishal Tariq (16 yrs), and Adil Masih (25 yrs) say they were innocent.  All three of them work as cleaners but Bhola Ram was given a free home on the compound of Dunga Bunga Veterinary practice due to his long years of service.  The property he was given had been lived in by a previous employee so Bhola Ram decided to clean out his new home and called the other two men to help h...

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8 Pastors Arrested After Largest City in Southern Punjab Bans House Churches

Church leaders in the city of Bahawalpur are urging Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Interior Minister government of Pakistan to uphold the constitution after the administration imposed restrictions on Christian worship in their city. Please sign and circulate our petition to support their efforts. (click here)      Authorities have ordered the closure of house churches in Balawalpur after Muslims complained that they were disturbed by Christian prayers. Some Christians across the city hold their regular services in the houses of pastors and other...

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Vehicle crashes into pedestrians at Natural History Museum London - Police yet to determine the motives.

Exhibition Road in London which contains the Natural History Museum, and various other tourist attractions has become the focus of international media, after a vehicle careened into several pedestrians at 14:20 (GMT). The car struck people walking on a sidewalk injuring them in the densely populated area with extensive foot fall. Reports indicate that the injuries suffered by the those hit appear minor however armed police and a large number of emergency service vehicles are still on site caring for the victims. Video footage that emerged on Twitter showed a man being restrained on the ground. Police have said that a man has been detained. ...

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Asia's sacrifice will be Pakistan's gain - but what a cost!

A nomination for the Sakharov Prize for a woman who simply chose to stand up for her faith in the increasingly Islamist nation of Pakistan has ignited hope amongst beleaguered Christians living there. Asia Bibi Pakistan's first woman to be given a death sentence under the nations draconian blasphemy laws is the first nominee of six named on the European Parliaments lists which can be accessed  Read More

Edmonton terror attack - no lessons have been learnt!

Chairman of the BPCA Wilson Chowdhry who was 'shocked to his core', by a near miss during the Edmonton terror attack (click here), was interviewed on 100 Huntley Street yesterday (click here). He iterated the fear felt by many in London of neighbours they know little about, a consequence of new migrant communities with a very insular outlook. This allows myths about 'other' faiths to proliferate causing social disunity. Mr Chowdhry explained how he was threatened by a Jihadist trainer believed to have trained the trio involved in the London Bridge terror attack.  The man named Ismael tried to frighten Mr Chowdhry into converting to Is...

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