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A sixth Christian dies in a Pakistani Jail since 2009

Usman Masih before being arrested. A Christian man accused of involvement in the lynching of two Muslim men believed to have been suspects in the twin church bomb attack at Lahore on 15th March 2015, has died in Kot Lakhput Jail on 9th December 2017. An autopsy report states that Mr Usman Masih (29 yrs) died from a heart attack but in similar fashion to previous deaths of Christians under police captivity, Mr Masih's body was littered with bruises and welts, creating suspicion around the reasons behind his death. Usman Masih, a married father of two children, was arrested with over 500 men after the murder of two Muslim men precipitat...

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Mother breaks down in tears 'Our Government cares little about death of my son by extremists!'

A mother who lost her seven year old son in a terrorist attack on a Christian community last week has condemned the Government for not providing any help to the struggling families who have been affected by the recent explosion.       The attack which occurred at 6pm on 1st December 2017, killed poor Issac Masih (aka Lucky) who was playing outside with his cousin Khan Masih (4 years) nearby a car outside the gate of the Christian colony.   Although a military spokesperson in the wake of the incident referred to the explosion as a terrorist attack triggered by a grenade, since a further investigation it was di...

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Seven Pastors arrested in India for 'Forced Conversion'

Image of Sacred Heart Church in Agra Diocese Seven Pastors were arrested Monday 4th December and detained for allegedly carrying out a 'Forcible Conversion Campaign' in Mathura a district of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. On Tuesday they were produced at court and were remanded in Judicial custody and today (Wednesday 6th December) all seven pastors have been refused bail. Police were called by local villagers who were concerned about the activities of the seven pastors in an area in the district called Irauli Gurjar for the past month.  The pastors have been accused of sharing blasphemous words towards the Hindu faith and of sharin...

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Young Christian boy of only 7 killed when terrorist grenade struck Christian village in Baluchistan

Young Lucky Saleem (RIP) lost his life to Islamists at only 7 years of age.   The Christian community of Pakistan is in mourning today after a grenade attack targeting an innocent Christian Village in Chaman led to the death of a boy of only seven years old and injuries to another child.  The explosion also caused significant damage to a number of homes in the vicinity. The blast is said to have taken place at the main gate of the community and reports state that deviant Islamists used a grenade which was thrown at the community gate to cause the devastation.  Both children were taken to Chaman Hospital however It was too late to...

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Six year old Pakistani Christian girl shot dead after father failed to pay interest to loan shark

A Christian family in Pakistan who took a usurious loan from Muslim money lenders where forced to watch as their six year old daughter was shot before them. Around 8 months ago a Christian father named Waris Masih (36 yrs) who resides in the city of Faisalabad borrowed 40,000 rupees from a Muslim money lender named, Ajmal Urf mithu Cheema.  Mr Masih needed the loan to pay for repairs to his home and the costs associated with their latest child Naira (9 mnths).  When Mr Masih signed the loan agreement which would require him to pay 8000 rupees per month (£56) until he satisfied the loan, the regular payments would n...

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Indian Pastor accused of blasphemy during interfaith dialogue event set free by Kuwaiti authorities

An Indian Pastor who was falsely accused of a blasphemy whilst participating at an interfaith dialogue event in Pakistan, has been set free and has now returned to India.  The family are said to be enjoying family time together after fearing the worst during a very traumatic event. The account  of Pastor Shibu's arrest only made an Indian Malayalam Newspaper despite the potential severe fine and up to seven years imprisonment that he could have faced.  However British Pakistani Christian Association have been thanked by the family for our twitter and facebook campaign, that resulted in extensive prayers for Pastor Shibu. Her...

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