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More migrant clashes with police on Lesbos Island leaves Christian asylum seekers terrified

British Pakistani Christian has learned from Pak-Christian asylum seekers at Lesbos Island's infamous Moira Camp.  We have been advised that clashes have broken out for the second time in eight days.   Greek Authorities arrested 35 migrants on Tuesday for public disturbance offences during the riots police were forced to use tear gas against protesters who were throwing large stones at them. Rioters who were entirely made up of Muslim also set fire to tents inside and outside the perimeter of the camp.  There are very few Christians seeking asylum residing at Moria Camp.  Most of the early Christians fled the Island as s...

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Another 16 year old has been accused of blasphemy in Pakistan!

A 16 year old boy named Shahzad has been arrested under the blasphemy laws of Pakistan for disrespecting the Islamic prophet Muhammed which automatically generates a death sentence Yesterday Shahzad's family had to flee a potential a mob lynching after hate speech was preached from a local mosque calling for the death of Shahzad and his family. His family are now unable to trace Shahzad and his brother Shafqat has advised that the police station were Shahzad is being held is refusing to confirm he is there and will not permit the family access to the vulnerable youth. Please sign our petition (click here) Shahza...

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Pastor shot dead outside church in India - hundreds protest on National Highway

The pastor of a church in Ludhiana was shot dead by two motorcycle-borne assailants outside 'The Temple of God Church' at Salem Tabri locality at around 8.45pm (Indian time) on Saturday night.     Witnesses have said that two armed youth with their faces covered shot at Pastor Sultan from close range. Pastor Sultan received a bullet wound to his head and two more penetrated his chest.   The attack was captured on CCTV cameras installed at the church however the footage was to dark to identify the attackers. Two local boys who witnessed the crime informed family members of the Pastor and other parishioners of t...

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Pakistani Christian winner of a Yoni Jesner Award acknowledged at a Central London ceremony

Image courtesy of Blake EzraOn Tuesday 11th July 2017 spectators at the Yoni Jesner Awards experienced the growing inclusivity of the awards, as one of the first non-Jewish speakers in the history of the event spoke at their 7th Award ceremony. Hannah Chowdhry, a Pakistani Christian student at Kantor King Solomon High School was chosen with fellow student Samuel Feldman to represent the school at the awards, by describing their volunteering experience. This Award honours the efforts of students who complete regular voluntary work. It introduces Jewish young people to community involvement thus making a difference to people's lives. It teaches resp...

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The Victim Mentality - Why our attitude should be different

Moved by the inappropriate behaviour of some Christians in Pakistan, Brother Leighton Medley, Lead Outreach Officer for the British Pakistani Christian Association, has chosen to counter the demand of a truly misguided set of people in calling for the arrest and sentencing under the evil blasphemy laws of Pakistan, of Barrister Zafar Ullah.  Brother Leighton was concerned how victim mentality has consumed many Pakistani Christians and has made them susceptible to the cultural norms in Pakistan including giving credence to the demonic blasphemy laws.   Barrister Zafar Ullah's comment A letter by Joint Christian Action Co...

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Brother Leighton's response to JCAC blasphemy charges against Barrister Zafar Ullah

The Victim Mentality Why our attitude should be different Yesterday, I was reading an article from Al Khaber news, that a barrister by the name of Zafar Ullah during a press conference in Islamabad, was trying to compare the persecution faced by Jesus, to that of his ally and friend, the current Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif. Understandably so, Christians may be upset by this kind of statement, due to the fact that they are a persecuted minority in their own country, paying particular notice to the controversial blasphemy law in Pakistan, of which many Christians have fallen victim to and no doubt will do so in the future. But upon hearing the reaction ...

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Only Christian tears shed for worthless sewage workers

Three men passed away in the filth and scum of Pakistani sewers a job they did professionally, maintaining their dignity despite their low pay and untouchable status.The incident took place on 3rd July 2017 and has barely been mentioned in any media because no-one cares about these insignificant beings - only their families.  Read more about the preventable deaths (click here)   Their necessary role in maintaining the cleanliness of the outdated and inadequate sewer system of Pakistan, has never been appreciated.  The sanitary men of Pakistan are paid a pittance, are bullied and harassed by their Muslim overlords and are not provided...

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Three deaths later Thailand finally opens bail for registered asylum seekers and refugees!

For almost two years persecuted Pakistani Christians and Ahmadis who make up over 50% of Thailand's asylum seeker community have been refused bail for overstaying their visa's.  For the re-persecuted victims this has meant an extremely difficult and stressful stay in Bangkok's brutal Immigration Detention Centre (IDC). However, Yesterday Thai authorities declared that bail would be granted to UNHCR registered asylum seekers and refugees similar in process to the bail system operated some years ago.  The bail system reopens soon and when it is officially restarted BPCA hopes to be able to initiate some applications immediately.  ...

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Three Christian sewage workers killed by toxic fumes whilst working without PPE

Three Christian men died while cleaning a sewer in Pakistan by hand despite being provided with no personal protective equipment or uniform. The three men named Saleem Masih (50 yrs), Danish Masih (20 yrs) and Nadeem Masih (18 yrs) lived at the servants quarters of Sadiq Public School. On Monday 3rd July 2017 the men were instructed to clear the blockage in a large sewer pipe at Ara Basti a small town in Bhawalpur. When they got to the site  they opened the door to the sewer and allowed some time for noxious fumes to escape a common practice for untrained sewage workers.  They then jumped into the sewer wearing just a sharwar (Pakist...

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Christian mother calls for prayers to help get justice for 3 year old daughter who was raped by neighbour

Please pray for justice for young Saiba! In January BPCA reported on the devastating rape of Saiba a three year old child whilst her mother was out of the home working as a sanitary worker at Government hospital to cover the regular living expenses for their household.   Now 7 months later Saiba's mother Catherine is still fighting for justice for her daughter and a conviction for the rapist whose brutal attack now means Saiba can never bear children. We spoke with her lawyer Khurram Shezad today who advised us on her case. He said: "Saiba's case is being heard within the session court at Bhawalnagar however we have had several delays as the solicitor who shou...

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