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Sarah Champion is brave, but it’s not just white girls who fall victim of grooming gangs

Several Sikh, Hindu and Pakistani Christian groups have written a joint letter criticising Labour’s “weak response” to a frontbencher who spoke out about an evident trend in criminality in sex-grooming cases. The letter, co-signed by Lord Singh of Wimbledon and Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association sets out to defend Sarah Champion, a prominent Labour MP who was forced to quit the front bench after she highlighted that an unusually high percentage of  perpetrators of sex crimes involving street-grooming involved Muslim men of Pakistani origin. The letter was published in the Times Newspaper on September 5th 20...

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Christians faced with spike in waterborne and mosquito-borne infections since floods in Karachi

A spike in the number of infections for waterborne and mosquito-borne diseases amongst the Christian victims of the recent floods in Pakistan, has been blamed on the poor sewage system in deprived Christian communities. On 31st August 2017 Pakistan also joined  a list of countries such as India, Bangladesh and Nepal in what has now been described as the largest flood to hit the South Asian continent.  Over 1200 people were killed throughout the region with at least 25 dead on the last count for Pakistan.   People were killed through drownings as they were caught up in the powerful water currents of the deluge and others were...

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17 Y/O pariah Christian boy beaten to death by Muslim students in school

A Christian teenager  who achieved academic excellence despite years of  institutional discrimination  and peer bullying, was killed by Muslim pupils whilst in a classroom environment in Vehari District in the Punjab. Against all the odds Sharoon Masih gained the highest scores at his former school named Chack 461 EB, eponymous with its geographical location. So convinced were the Christian teachers that Sharoon would be a successful individual that they challenged his poverty-stricken parents not to put him to work but to encourage him to pursue higher education.  His father Elyab Masih (35 yrs) saved some money from the ...

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Beaten Indian Pastor prays for restoration of peace in India

A pastor who was brutally beaten for sharing the gospel at a large outreach and Gospel event in India has asked Christians across the globe to pray for a restoration of peace in the country. Pastor Harjot Singh was attacked by hooligans who lay in wait for him during an all seated Gospel outreach in Daabli Rathan the largest village in Hanumangarh District, Rajasthan on 16th August 2017. (click here) Thanks to the quick thinking of his wife Arvinderjot who ran to the local police and got them to respond immediately, some of the assailants were arrested and stopped from hurting many others.   Arvinderjot was also slapped several t...

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Death count will rise further as over 1000 die in South Asian floods

An estimated 1,200 people have been killed in India, Bangladesh and Nepal and millions have been left homeless following the worst flooding disaster to have hit the region in years. Tens of thousands of villages have been cut off by flooding with many people having been deprived of food and clean water for days. Over 500 people have died in the eastern Indian state of Bihar while many thousands seeking shelter in relief camps. Bihar's economy depends on agricultural farming and it is feared once the flood is over many people will find themselves both homeless and without employment. In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh mor...

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Sewage tragedy widows demand better future for their children

Two women who have lost their husbands due to the inhuman working conditions within Pakistani sewers have launched a campaign to change the anachronistic sewage system of Pakistan, the hazardous conditions of employment of mostly Christian labour force within the industry and the egregiously low pay on regularly renewed temporary contracts which prevents workers obtaining free access to social services and healthcare. On the 3rd of July 2017 three Christian men employed in the sewage industry lost their lives whilst entering a sewage pipe filled with noxious gas to make repairs.  Sufiyan (50yrs) lost her son and her husband, the other widow H...

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Christian leaders fearful that riots led by backers of Indian Guru convicted of rape places them in greatest danger

Christian leaders from the areas of Haryana, and the Punjab are living in fear of an unprovoked attack from followers of infamous Guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh (50 yrs) a convicted rapist. Judge Jagdeep Singh sentenced the controversial Indian guru leader of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect to 20 years imprisonment for the sexual assault of two women followers of his sect, on Friday 25th August 2017.  He said convicted felon Guru Gurmeet deserved the "maximum punishment" because he had "projected himself as a Godman and taken undue advantage of his position and authority",  In 2002 one of his female disciples wrote an anonymous...

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Acid Attack at Nottinghill Carnival forces BPCA Chairman to flee event with family

On Saturday 6th August whilst attending 'Family Day' at Nottinghill Carnival Chairman of the  BPCA found himself having to navigate his family safely home after an acid attack occurred at around 7.55pm.  Fortunately for Mr Chowdhry and his family they had just moved away from Ladbroke Grove whilst reporting an unattended bag to a police officer when the incident occurred.    As they finished with the Police officer a call warning of an acid attack could be heard on his CB radio which was followed by a stream of people screaming as they passed the family. Though Mr Chowdhry's young daughters were frightened they did not pani...

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BPCA 'WE ARE ONE' Polo Shirts reach Barbados

A long term supporter of the BPCA has bought one of our 'We are one' Polo shirts to help with his minstry in Jamaica. Revd Clifford Hall whose permanent residence is in Wales has been in Ministry in Barbados for the last few years. Clifford was very specific about the size of his T shirt and wanted one that was was high quality.  We were extremely pleased when he told us how comfortable the T shirt was and the wonderful effect it had whilst wearing it.  Many local people were impressed with the design and the unity the shirt espoused. Revd Clifford initially wrote: Hello Wilson...just to tell you that the polo shirt has ...

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Christian teenager who survived Muslim raid on Police substation and narrowly escaped lynching faces death sentence for blasphemy

The family of Asif Stephen. A fourth Christian teenager has been arrested under the draconian blasphemy laws of Pakistan for allegedly burning a Quran. The incident mirrors the case of Rimsha Masih a young child with a mental impairment who in in 2012 was similarly accused of burning a Quran, though later in her case police established the Quran was burnt by a local imam desiring to implicate the Christian child (click here). Asif Stephen (16 years) travelled to his local bazaar on 12th August to buy some cigarettes when he was accosted by a Muslim man named Muhammed Nawaz.  Asif was accused of stealing from a donation box placed...

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