Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Recently freed Christian blasphemy convict and his bail guarantor sought by Police on most wanted fugitive list after poor court administration

Nabeel Masih, Pakistan’s youngest ever blasphemy victims who was convicted at only 16 years of age and spent 4 years in prison until released on bail last month (click here)... 12-Apr-2021

Easter gfits for the homeless to share blessing of Christ's resurrection

Homeless people in Ilford were treated to a chicken roast dinner, Easter eggs and gifts on Saturday 3rd August. Around 40 local homeless people turned up to receive the hear... 12-Apr-2021

Court refuses absence of Nabeel Masih from court despite fears for his safety

Nabeel Masih (now 20 yrs) Pakistan's youngest ever blasphemy victim was released from prison on 18th of March after being kept in Kasur District Jail for more than four year... 30-Mar-2021

Compensation terms agreed by distressed mother whose 11 Y/O son was murdered by his employers

For around two years we have battled for justice for Badil Masih a Christian boy of only 11 years old who at a very tender age become the responsible man of the house, after... 29-Mar-2021

Father of Christian man murdered for washing in the same well as Muslims still awaits justice

Saleem Masih (22 yrs) was beaten to death for rinsing himself off in the tube well of Muslim land owners in Choonia District, Kasur. It should be noted that many Muslim men ... 29-Mar-2021

Powerful re-enactment of Asia Bibi's tragic incident

On the 16th October 2014, death row mother of 5 Asia Bibi heard her appeal for mercy rejected by Lahore High Court. S... 19-Nov-2014

Christian couple burnt alive in brick kiln after alleged blasphemy

Shahzad Masih (26yrs) Shama Bibi (24years) RIP - the latest victims of Pakistan's intolerant society. Click... 4-Nov-2014


Help Us to save Christian Children of Pakistan

28-Feb-2016 01:20 PM

Holy Purpose Welfare Society Ministry of Pakistan was registered at the Faisalabad (Punjab) in 2011 in order to feed, give good Shelter and good education to Orphanage Children in ..

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    The Targeting of ‘Minority Others’ in Pakistan
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    We Are One T Shirt
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