Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Men who murdered Christian man for polluting a well through ritual impurity will now face murder charges

Ghafoor Masih (56 yrs) - Brave father of slain Saleem Masih continues to fight for justice despite threats he will be killed. Saleem Masih (22 yrs) was beaten to death... 29-Apr-2021

Westminster Drug Project Team to undertake Lateral Flow Tests for Homeless at our Centre

Homeless people in Redbridge will have access to Lateral Flow Tests for COVID-19 at our centre on Friday 30th April 2021. This will be the last day of our 'Meals for the Hom... 29-Apr-2021

New beds for orphaned children who were forced to watch as their parents were burned alive by Islamists

On 4th November 2014, a mob of 3000 Muslims, beat and burned alive a Christian couple after a false allegation of blasphemy was made by a man enamoured by the beauty of the wife... 26-Apr-2021

Christian Girl who suffered a rape at only six years of age receives court decision soon

After a Christian girl of only six years was beaten and raped after being forcibly taken to the home of a Muslim man in broad daylight in September 2019, BACA stepped in to ... 26-Apr-2021

District Court refuses absence from court hearings of Pakistan's youngest ever blasphemy victim

Free at last! Nabeel who was 16 when convicted of blasphemy enjoys his new freedom at a secret location. Accused of blasphemy as a teenager, Nabeel Masih (20 yrs), was ... 26-Apr-2021

Powerful re-enactment of Asia Bibi's tragic incident

On the 16th October 2014, death row mother of 5 Asia Bibi heard her appeal for mercy rejected by Lahore High Court. S... 19-Nov-2014

Christian couple burnt alive in brick kiln after alleged blasphemy

Shahzad Masih (26yrs) Shama Bibi (24years) RIP - the latest victims of Pakistan's intolerant society. Click... 4-Nov-2014


Help Us to save Christian Children of Pakistan

28-Feb-2016 01:20 PM

Holy Purpose Welfare Society Ministry of Pakistan was registered at the Faisalabad (Punjab) in 2011 in order to feed, give good Shelter and good education to Orphanage Children in ..

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  • The Targeting of ‘Minority Others’ in Pakistan
    The Targeting of ‘Minority Others’ in Pakistan
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