Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Christian women and children arrested for terrorism seek justice!

Brother of Kamal Chaugtai, daughters of Pervez Younus Khokhar and BPCA's Naveed Aziz. Pakistan's Anti-Terrorism (amendment) Act 2013 was introduced ostensibly to help bolster and empower government agencies, equipping them to crack down on terrorism financing or as stated “strengthen the provision concerning the offences of terrorism financing and to provide more effective enforcement measures against such offences. The Anti- Terrorism (amendment) Act 2013 also amends the definition of terrorism under section 6 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997, by including threats and acts of terrorism against a”foreign government or population or an inter...

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Despair for Faisalabad Christians after Police arrest dozens for alleged terrorism

Several men and women were arrested outside Christian Life Ministries Church in Faisalabad on May 19th 2016. The incident took place at a place called Christian Town; which is a predominantly Christian locality of the city. Witnesses have spoken to the BPCA and have advised us that the arrests were apparently conducted under anti-terrorism laws, after local Christians had a scuffle with the undisciplined Police officers who were deployed at the church as a measure of protection for parishioners. During the calamity police contingents from Gulberg police station and others collaborated to arrest dozens of Christians. Local Christians say that t...

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Christian Boy 14 Years Old Murdered for wasting horse feed!

A Christian boy of only 14 years was murdered 8th May 2016 for wasting horse food and then hung from the rafters of a barn where he was employed, to create the impression of a suicide.  Suleman Hadayat Masih a resident of Chehl Kalan village in Gujaranwala was a bright, hardworking but illiterate youth, with a talent for horses.  His ability to tame and tend for horses was recognized early and he was put to work at a local stables, owned by Muslim brothers, Aurangzaib Bashir, Humayun Bashir and Jahangir Bashir.  Suleman's father Hadayat Masih had hoped that with some experience one day the family could breed their ...

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Brazen abduction of Christian girl in broad daylight by two masked Muslim men sparks concern over her safety!

Mussarat Mushtaq is praying for the release of her daughter. On Thursday 12th May 2016, A 24 year old Christian woman was kidnapped whilst returning home from Exel Education School, an adult learning college in Bihar Colony, Lahore. Only few months earlier, Maryam Mushtaq had decided to go to college to help her family out of poverty by educating herself that she might be able to earn a higher wage. She was undertaking a very basic level Matriculation education (GCSE standard) and was hoping to progress onto further education for an eventual full-time career in teaching. Abductee Maryam Mushtaq At approximately 13:30 whilst ...

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Time for a change to hate crime legislation and a tougher stance on extremists.

British Pakistani Christian Association have organised a demonstration to raise the plight of suffering Islamic apostates (converts from Islam to other faiths or or atheism) in the UK.   Better protection for Apostates in the UK10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA Saturday 21st May 201610:00 - 12:00Guest Speaker:  Nissar Hussain Awareness of the plight of apostates in the UK has intensified due to high profile cases such as Nissar Hussain and Sofia Hayat. Nissar has suffered 15 years of persecution in his current town of Bradford simply for rejecting Islam for Christianity  He and his family have, to date, faced around 15 years of almost relen...

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British Pakistani Christian Association to work with new political body challenging for change in Pakistan

In April Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) met with Councillor Morris Johns, secretary to the All Parliamentary Party Group (APPG) for Pakistani Minorities.  The meeting was triggered after Wilson Chowdhry was invited to speak at an evidence hearing session on Pakistan by Lord Alton, Vice Chairman of the APPG for International Freedom.(click here)   Impressed with the contents of Wilson's talk Mr Johns requested a meeting to discuss how the APPG for Pakistani Minorities and the BPCA might work together to further the aims of both groups in tandem. Earlier in the year Wilson was also invited ...

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Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy for watching debate on Islam

A Christian man of 25 years was accused of a blasphemy while at his workplace on 15th April 2016.  Imran Masih a sweeper was employed at the district hospital near his town in Chak 44, Mandi Bahaudin.  He had a very close friendship with a Mulsim girl also employed at the hospital. Many Muslim men were uncomfortable wth his close relationship with a Muslim woman and warned him not to get to close to her.  However the two of them simply fell in love. On the day oft the incident Imran had to travel to medical store where his friend M. Bilal worked and shared his love story with his friend.  While he was there he showed his friend i...

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BPCA highlights plight of Pakistani Christians at two conferences

Our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry will be speaking at various events this week and we invite you all to join him.  This will be an opportunity to discover the true impact of Islamic extremism in Pakistan and the affect it is having on minorities living there. The first date for your calendar is: National Caucus for the Persecuted Church Study Day 14th May starting at 10:00amTruro Central Methodist Church, Union Place, Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom TR1 1EP  AGENDA FOR MAY 14TH  STUDY DAY 1000 – Revd Mark Dunn-Wilson. Welcome/ housekeeping. Hymn (H&P 241 “Love Divine”) - Opening Prayer. First Chair:Dr Ru...

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Shama and Shazad children meet BPCA Trustee during charitable visit despite previous intimidation by Pakistan's secret service!

Juliet with children of Shama and Shahzad. Juliet Chowdhry a trustee of the British Pakistani Christian Association, visited Pakistan to oversee the purchase of a plot of land to be developed into a school for enslaved children. The school is to be located opposite the brick kilns at which the Christian couple Shama and Shahzad were brutally beaten, dragged across rocky ground whilst tied to a vehicle and then burned alive by Muslims incensed by a false allegation of blasphemy. The purchase of the land has gone through preliminary stages and a deposit has been paid.  Now Punjab Land Registry prepare the documentation for the completio...

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Intimidatory tactics of Royal Thai Authority demoralizes Pakistani Christians and deepens police bribery scandal!

Rani Bibi with her husband, Mukhtar MasihChristian Malik our Lead officer on Thailand has uncovered two more cases of Pakistani Christians Asylum Seekers who have had to pay bribes to avoid incarceration as the Royal Thai Authorities continue to intimidate them through temporary closures in the bail process for detainees. . Mukhtar Masih, aged 53, had been detained in Bangkok's brutal and degrading Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) but was released on bail in January 2016. However in late April, Mukhtar Masih and his wife Rani Bibi, aged 52, were in the Wat Dan Samrong 38 District which is near Bangkok City, waiting for a bus when they were approached by local Police...

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