Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


UNHCR to receive European Commission Grant of 300,000 Euros to help reduce Thailand asylum seeker determination delays!

Wilson Chowdhry presenting BPCA report on Thailand to Peter Trotter at the UNHCR in September 2015. In January 2016 the BBC released a 1 hour documentary on the torrid situation faced by Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand. They highlighted how thousands of Pakistani Christians have fled to flee persecution including the rape and forced conversion of Christian women, Blasphemy allegations and Numerous threats to burn and kills individuals and communities.  Thailand has not signed UN conventions for asylum meaning that even those registered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Thailand are treated as crimina...

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BPCA organise solicitor for release of Pervaiz Masih and exoneration of innocent congregation.

Advocate Rana Hafeez receives his fee from Kanwal Amar BPCA legal officer. BPCA have appointed solicitor Rana Hafeez to challenge for freedom for Pervaiz Masih and exoneration of the church congregation at Christian life Ministries Church in Faisalabad, who were falsely accused of a blasphemy.  Our officer Kanwal Amar a former Tehsil councillor paid the solicitors fee of 45,000 rupees (£300), on 27th June 2016.   He was joined at Mr Hafeez's office by Pastor Kamal Chaughtai a former Member of Punjab Assembly, head of the church.  Please pray for success with this legal battle that has alarmed parishioners. Kanwal Amar s...

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Gang-raped sisters now fraudulently accused of theft while cleaning

They say lightening never strikes twice, though for Pakistani Christians this old adage means nothing. One irrefutable truth is that there is no place of safety for Pakistani Christians - their unremitting persecution can and will strike at any time and repeatedly. Recently two sisters under the care of the BPCA were accused of stealing at the home of a Muslim landlord, for whom they were hired as cleaners.  Please sign our petition (click here) Since early 2015 Sherish and Farzana and their family  have been living at a BPCA safe house after the two sisters were subjected to a 12 hour gang-rape ordeal and threatened with...

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Pakistani Christian farmer shot in hand after demanding his share of crop sale profit!

A 50 year old Christian farmer who had partnered with some Muslim friends in growing carrots commercially, was shot in his hand and forced to watch while his family were beaten and molested before him.  The attack occurred after he asked for his fair share of the sales profits. Manzoor Masih a father of 10 children including three daughters had entered into the farming contract around a year ago.  He and his family agreed to labour on the field of a Mr Muhammed Shokhat in Bugri, Kasur, with their Muslim counterparts.  Muhammed Naveed, Shareef Arain, Muhammed Rasheed and Muhammed Mujeed and their relatives all agreed an equal share of...

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Brick Kiln worker bashed because he sought fair pay!

A Christian brick-kiln laborer was brutally beaten after he demanded his full wages on Sunday 20th June 2016. 19 year old Nadeem Masih had been working for in excess of 12 months at a brick kiln, located at Chuniyaan District in the city of Kasur. During his pre-contract discussion with the kiln manager Nadeem Masih had agreed a figure of 962 Pak-rupees for every 1000 bricks he made, however his employer Hajji Musa was only paying 800 Pak-rupees per 1000 bricks. On hearing his request for full pay Mr Musa started to insult Nadeem, he shouted: "You dirty choora [derogatory term for Christians meaning sweeper] Christian. How dare you de...

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Increasing violence on Women in Pakistan Leads to 10 Downing Street Protest

International Sindhi Women Organisation, British Pakistani Christian Association and Hindu Human Rights Group held a collaborative peaceful demonstration in front of 10 Downing Street, London, on Saturday 19th June 2016. A petition was submitted to Prime Minister David Cameron calling for action against the increasing human rights violations against women in Pakistan.  Campaigners  decided to hold the protest due to a deep concern about recent honour killings that saw the death of numerous young girls and women, because of their choice to marry with their own will. ISWO officers Dr Humairah Soomro, Dr Afsana Bhurghri, Rubina ...

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UN ID cards provide false hope of safety - 12 further arrests of Pak-Christians in 2 weeks has shattered morale.

Shahid Latif (RIP) A dozen Pakistani Christians have been arrested over the last few weeks in Thaialnd. Among the arrested are a partially paralyzed man and a pregnant woman, and there is fear in the community that their health will be compromised under the brutal conditions of the Immigration Detention Centre. Amongst those arrested are a married couple who chose to leave their two young children behind in their room, rather then have them suffer the torturous conditions in the IDC. The parents believe leaving the children stranded in the care of their community, is favourable. Please sign our petition (click here) Blame for the...

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Persecuted by the persecuted! No hope for Pakistani Christians

BPCA travelled to visit beleaguered Christians in Chenab Nagar after surprising persecution via the Ahmadi community living there.  In a rare case of the Ahmadi community in Pakistan behaving like mainstream Muslims towards Christians, BPCA hoped to intervene. A dispute began earlier this month when the Ahmadi community seized half of a Christian graveyard. Apparently on 6th and 7th June an unauthorised crane arrived and started to dig on the land of the Christian graveyard which is 8 Kanal (1 acre) in size.  The digging resulted in a number of headstones being placed on fresh graves, though Christians do not believe that any real corpse...

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Police slap and beat Pastor before congregation for over exuberant worship

Parishioners at a church in Lahore were abruptly forced to stop their worship, when a Police officer shouted at them whilst yielding a gun and began to beat their Pastor before their eyes. United Pentecostal Church located at Fazlia Colony were thirty minutes into their 11:30 service, when 4 emergency Police officers responding to a 15 (Pakistani 999) police emergency call, asked stewards to bring Pastor Riaz Rehmat to them.  Apparently a local Muslim man named Shabbir Shah had complained about the use of amplified music during the church service, that he alleged was causing a disturbance.  Fortunately the wife of Pastor Riaz was lead...

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Teenage girl dead after Christian honour killing

A Christian man from Sialkot has murdered his sister in cold blood after she spoke of marrying her boyfriend whom the family did not approve. The attack took place at around 10pm on Friday June 10th 2016. During a fit of rage, Anum Masih (19 years) was bludgeoned to death with a piece of wood by her brother Saqib Masih (23 years), whilst in her bed. The animosity towards Anum developed after she had asked permission to marry her boyfriend, who was from the same caste as Anum.  Whereas Muslim communities abhor couples marrying from outside of a caste, Christians couples are expected to marry from outside their caste due to a false premise ...

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