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Outraged Christians protest outside Glasgow Pakistani Consulate calling for freedom of Asia Bibi

Several Pakistani Church Ministers are collaborating with the British Pakistani Christian Association, to call for freedom for Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim. Date: Saturday 11th February 2017 Time: 12:00 - 14:00 Location: Pakistani Consulate, 45 Maxwell Dr, Glasgow G41 5JF Details: Protest will finish at 14:00 and a delegation will travel to Edinburgh to submit petition to Scottish Parliament. Event supported by:  Pastor Peter Gill, Pastor Aftab Gohar, Pastor William Phillip, Pastor Philip Teji, Pastor Fredrick Dacosta, Pastor, Pastor Harrison Summit, Pastor George Gill and Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA. ...

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70 year old man with poor health awaits decision for bail after falsely being accused of a blasphemy!

An ailing 70 year old who has a serious heart condition has been imprisoned in Pakistan for an alleged blasphemy. He has called on Christians across the word to pray for his freedom and acquittal. Today BPCA appointed lawyer Mr Abdul Hameed Rana submitted a bail application for Mukhtar, which the Civil Magistrate Ms. Nadia Yaqoob has accepted and will deliberate on at the District Session Court Gujranwala on 11th February 2017.  Mukhtar has been praying daily for emancipation from his suffering, like all blasphemy victims he has been placed in a squalid cell with no access to daylight.  He longs for the company of his children a...

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Two weeks too late.. Pakistani police finally register murder case for slain 12 year old Christian girl

International pressure from social media activists who helped BPCA highlight the murder of a Christian girl of 12 who had been drugged, raped and murdered, has led to a police retreat from their original claim that Tania Mariyam had committed suicide. Read original story (click here) Sambrial Police had initially closed the case stating that Tania had jumped into the Upper Chenab Canal on 23rd January 2016, despite evidence of poisoning and rape. Tania's dead body was found in the canal two weeks ago and the family fought a fairly lonely campaign for justice till the BPCA intervened. The delay in registering the case means police...

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Date for Asia Bibi's trial expected to be fixed before the end of March

In a private meeting with Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association the First Minister at the Pakistan High Commission in London, assured him that the Supreme Court of Pakistan is likely to fix a date for the appeal case against blasphemy charges against Asia Bibi before the end of March this year. This assurance from the Pakistani High Commission came prior to protest led by Christian charity British Pakistani Christian Association. During the protest outside the Pakistani High Commission and 10 Downing street the Government of Pakistan was urged to hold a fair trial for Asia Bibi and to protect Asia and her...

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Trump policy and Thai avarice leaves approved Pakistani refugee family in limbo!

Image of cramped, sparse and unhygenic overstayer chamber at the brutal Bangkok 'Immigration Detention Centre' (IDC). A  Pakistani Christian refugee family of four who fled their homeland and spent years living as marginalized refugees in Thailand, have been left distraught and uncertain for their future despite being one of very few Pak-Christian families to be approved for resettlement by the 'United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' (UNHCR).     Many thousands of refugees have fearfully waited through the U.S.' lengthy and complex refugee vetting process that takes a minimum of 18 months to clear, but now face a 12...

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Have you left Islam and then suffered any hate crime or persecution? We want to hear from you for a study we are conducting

The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) are looking into the experiences in the UK or the west of those who have apostasized from the Islamic religion - who have publicly made a split from Islam, whether it be that they announced it in some way, or people in the community sussed they no longer believe (or even, if they still remain Muslim in some way, but others in the community hold that they have apostasized). It doesn't matter if they have converted to Christianity, to another major branch of Islam (eg Sunni to Shia), to atheism or to humanism, or any other religion. Of course welcome Muslim Background Believers for this study. Please comp...

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Greedy Royal Thai Government imposes overstay fine on successful refugee family about to be resettled in US

Image of crowded unhygenic IDC of Bangkok where people are forced to sleep over one another, in a crouching position or in extreme cases standing up. An attempt to extort money from a desperate family who have successfully attained resettlement in the US through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Thailand, by the Royal Thai Government is being labelled avaricious. A rare successful approval of a Pakistan Christian refugee family that has received UNHCR approval for Refugee Status Determination (RSD), all of whom were to be resettled in the US during January/February 2017, brought a moment of exuberant joy to the beleagured Pak...

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Pakistani Christian school girl raped, killed and thrown into a canal!

12 year old Christian girl found murdered, evidence points to the girl having been drugged and raped. Please help us catch the monster who did this! On 23rd January 2017 Johnson (21 yrs) dropped his 12 year old sister Tania to the Convent of Jesus and Mary school by motorcycle, a trip he had made hundreds of times previously, to ensure his sister was safe in a nation where Pakistani Christian girls are deemed booty to many indoctrinated young Muslim men (click here). This day however was going to become the stuff of nightmares only hours later for Johnson and his entire family. Tania (RIP) After dropping off his sister...

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