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Christian man who sought UK asylum after being beaten by Islamist extremists given immigration bail after Christmas in detention

BIRMINGHAM, UK: Pak-Christian threatened with deportation bailed out after Christmas in detention needs asylum in the UK to avoid persecution in Pakistan   Asher Samson (41 yrs) spent Christmas 2018 in detention two hours away from his British relatives. The Birmingham resident was set to be deported by the Home Office when he was detained without notice on 26th of November during his regular sign in with authorities. Mr Samson was held in Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre in Lincolnshire until the 27th of December when he was released on bail after a court hearing. His case is ongoing and supporters are appealing to gain not only a reprieve, ...

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Outcry against Google Play App to report blasphemers in Indonesia has yet to been heard

After community complaints to Google Play Store the third party Indonesian blasphemy app can neither be downloaded or searched for outside of the Southeast Asian country but its still visible through the link INDONESIA:  A Google Play App that stirred palpable fear in religious minorities in Indonesia and startled responses from others online appears to have been restricted to the region it serves after an outcry against its nefarious goals. According to the accompanying statistics a 1000+ Installs of this app have taken place and it has a 1.3 rating caused mostly by people expressing concern about the newest version of the Smart Pakem App whi...

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Christian converts threatened with sodomy in Preston - UK fails to recognise growing radicalisation and hatred for apostates despite report

In a disgraceful, profanity-laced tirade that has unveiled apostacy hatred to the non-Muslim British public a Muslim taxi driver from Preston threatened to sodomise any convert from Islam to Christianity.  The man is unsure but suspects he has also upset some Muslims stating 'I think I've upset a few Muslims as well'.  British Pakistani Christian Association submitted a report on hatred towards apostates (those who quit Islam) to a UK Hate Crime Inquiry in 2017 with recommendations on how to stem the growing social malaise.  However, the report was never analysed despite the bravery of many converts from Islam who shared testimonies hoping to bring a...

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UK Foreign office commissions report on Global Christian persecution to compensate on failure to protect Asia Bibi

UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has commissioned an independent, global review into the persecution of Christians worldwide. A report that BPCA and many other NGOs  have been petitioning for a period of longevity. BPCA welcomes this incredibly positive overture from the UK government. Wilson Chowdhry speaking on BBC National news in the wake of the commissioning of the new persecution report. This unprecedented review will be led by the Bishop of Truro, the Rt Rev Philip Mountstephen. The objectives of the review are to gain a deeper understanding of global Christian persecution and to provide pragmatic steps and recommendations to rem...

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UK finally agrees review of global Christian persecution

Click video below to watch BBC TV interview with Wilson Chowdhry

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Women and children Asylum-seekers celebrate another Christmas in Bangkok as their husbands remain detained in IDC

Bangkok asylum seekers gather to celebrate Christmas  Subdued Christmas celebrations were undertaken mainly by women and children Pakistani Christian asylum seekers as their male counterparts were detained by the Thai Authorities after a crackdown on illegal over-stayers.  The arrests which have elicited widespread condemnation by the international community have left many vulnerable mothers in extremely desperate situations where they are forced to survive through the handouts from private donors and charities. Men were noticeably in decline and virtually absent from the BPCA Christmas party this year after a crackdown by Thai Immigration police...

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Pakistani Leadership uses Christmas to put a light on minority rights

Wilson Chowdhry with 1st Secretary Dildar Ali Abro at Pakistan High Commission in London during November 2018PAKISTAN: PTI Leadership use Christmas to put a light on minority rights Pakistan's leadership both Punjab and Islamabad are making efforts over the Christmas season to show goodwill towards religious minorities in some policy statements made on 22nd and 23th of December. The Alhamra Arts Council held a ceremony in Lahore attended by Punjab Minister for Information and Culture Fayazul Hassan Chohan on 22nd December a few days before Christmas. During the event he gave assurances that like Muslim festivals are safeguarded that t...

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Continue to work for God's glory in the face of obstacles

Leighton Medley BPCA Missionary for Pakistan meeting the Children of Shama and Shahzad two brick kiln slaves extra-judicially murdered after a false blasphemy allegation in 2014. “Not to us, not to us, but to you be the glory O`Lord.” (Psalm 115:1 NIV) It has been a busy year 2018 and really seems to have flown by, yet when I summarise it, I often don`t know where to start. First of all, I`d like to thank all those involved in supporting this organisation financially. God really does bestow upon certain people, the gift of giving and through the use of that gift, we have seen those receive health care who couldn`t afford it. We think of littl...

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Lebanese Christians make a new life in Canada as the population shifts back home

BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry pictured here with one of many Lebanese-Canadian Christian taxi driversSeveral cab drivers who ferried BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry to and from appointments in Ottawa last week were Canadians of Lebanese decent of whom all but one were Christians. During our conversations they told us of the lives they left behind and the cultural shifts reported by family members.  Reflecting on ethnic heritage gatherings over Christmas and how life has changed since arriving in Canada, several of our cab drivers who were Lebanese-Canadian Christians told us of their journey to find work in Canada and of the increasing chan...

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Pak-Christian persecution group gifted with literature by Muslim scholars in Toronto at Christmas

Tarek Fateh presents British Pakistani Christian Association Wilson Chowdhry with two of his books on a visit to TorontoTORONTO: Pak-Christian persecution group gifted with literature by Muslim scholars in Toronto at Christmas British Pakistani Christian Association received a warm yuletide welcome on his brief visit to wintery Toronto, Canada this week, by two Muslim Canadian scholars and journalists:  Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fateh. Both Ms Hassan and Mr Fateh gifted Chairman with scholarly literature that they had researched and written. BPCA was asked to submit a review of the material something we are only too happy to do. ...

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