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Ottawa discussions confirm safety of Asia Bibi is of Global importance

Lasts words in Canada's Centre Block for a decade highlight the concerns of Pakistani Christians British Pakistani Christian Association Chairman Wilson Chowdhry and BPCA Canada Representative Keri-Lynn Gibbs visited Ottawa the second week of December to meet with various Canadian officials to discuss asylum for Asia Bibi and several major concerns for Pak-Christians. Despite an extremely busy week on Parliament Hill as the House was rising for Christmas several senior officials and parliamentarians met with our delegates. Within the discussions held, an overwhelming reassurance was given by the Canadian authorities that they were one of several co...

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Though fears of a repeat attack have demoralised parishioners of Quetta terror attack last year, attendance has not faltered.

As we draw near to the anniversary of the Quetta Church terror attack (tomorrow) we provide an update to our regular supporters. We supported 13 families with funeral fees and provided 18  families with medical costs until compensation was received from the Government.  We have continued to support a young child who was 18 months old at the time and lost a limb because compensation does not cover her ongoing needs.  Our Quetta officer Pastor Adil attended a memorial event held at Bethel Memorial Methodist Church today. Despite fear of a further attack at the church parishioners still resolutely attend services and this year the ...

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Almost one year on from murder of Zainab: Brave girl (9 yrs) who bit hand of would-be-rapist thwarted double-child abduction

When a Muslim abductor tried to kidnap and rape two Christian girls aged 10 and 9 yrs of age the reaction of the younger child saved both sisters, however the abductor fled the scene of the crime and is still on the loose. On the evening of 21st November 2018, during celebrations of the birth of Muhammad (Rabi ul Awal) Sonia (10 yrs) was playing with her sister Laiba (9 yrs) in the grounds nearby their home at Chak 62 Bhagywala Matiyani district Faisalabad, while their parents were at home. During their playtime an unknown large man of around 35 years old grabbed both of the girls by their wrists and dragged them screaming and kicking into...

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Christian family burned out of home for being ritually unclean still seeking justice 3 months on

Bashir Masih and his family in their new home courtesy of the BPCA.   British Pakistani Christian Association, have been protecting the family of Bashir Masih who have been residing in our safe house for over two months and a legal fight is ongoing regarding prosecution of the Muslim gang who attacked them. The attackers targeted them because they believe Christians to be ritually impure and that having Christians living in the area desecrates Muslim land. The family of Bashir Masih moved to an area called Gujar Khan two years ago after saving all their money to buy a small plot of land a few years earlier on which they built a home over time...

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Church attack in Karachi

 An Assemblies of God church in Karachi was attacked by a mob of 30-35 locals who disliked the church. The onslaught occurred on the 26th October, 2018 due to the intolerance local Muslims have for religious minorities living in the area. The Assemblies of God Church, Mosiaymat, is situated in Chamman Iqbal colony Block 5 Gulstan-e-Johar, and these attackers belong to a group who live in the same street where the Church building is located. The local Pastor, Shafqat Masih Sagar (62 yrs), alleges that attackers who hate seeing Christians worshipping and praising God attacked them. He told BPCA that, while the congregation was engaged in their r...

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Asia Bibi and other blasphemy victims will spend another Christmas alone in Pakistan

While the worlds attention is focused on freedom for blasphemy victim Asia Bibi over a dozen other innocent Christians are still languishing in prison cells awaiting their own appeal to Pakistan's blasphemy laws.  We remind our readers of those we have to pray for over Christmas.  To the world freedom for Asia Bibi after 9.5 years of brutal incarceration is regarded as a victory for justice, despite no arrest or convictions being placed on the persecutors who had falsified their witness testimonies to imprison Asia Bibi.  Moreover, the Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK, in a meeting with Wilson Chowdhry, affirmed the officia...

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Children conceived in rape forced to visit their mother's abuser in jail

ROTHERHAM, UK: Rapist Arshid Hussain ("Hussain") perpetrator, in the atrocities of the now notorious Rotherham sex-trafficking gang, and who was convicted in 2016 and sentenced to 35 years in prison for his crimes, is now being offered the right to apply for council ordered parental rights so he can see one of his victim’s child, who was conceived when he raped her at 14. The Times reported: "The serial rapist who fathered the boy was not named on his birth certificate." They also stated: "The rapist, who was part of a grooming gang, had no parental responsibility for his son but the local authority contacted him in...

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