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Muslim mob assault Pak-Christians over church property dispute - weak church officials fail to support victims in getting justice!

A broken bone for young Christian Sagar Masih. A mob in excess of  50 people, including men, women and children assaulted Christians of Waran Chak Balyana village and seized 16 of the 35 Marla of land in ownership of the church Unarmed Christians were beaten severely by the angry mob and the existing Roman Catholic church building was battered with bricks, sticks and stones. Five people were injured in the attack which occurred at 9am on the 2nd of August 2018. An 10-year-old boy named Sagar Masih suffered a broken arm (left humerus fracture), while 18-year-old Anand Masih sustained a deep laceration on the left side of his lips and w...

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Buying milk is risky business for Pak-Christian asylum-seekers as Thai police continue crackdown with Mother's Day arrest

Image: Zarish and Moses Gill after BPCA paid fines for Elvin. Buying milk is risky business for Pak-Christian asylum seekers as Thai police continue their crackdown. One young father Elvin Gill (29 yrs)found out just how hazardous this can be on 14 August when he left home on an errand and never came home. The arrest happened about 4:30pm in a Bangkok neighourhood. Elvin Gill was arrested by Thai authorities for overstaying his visa resulting in him spending four days detained in Jail, over the Thai Mother's Day holiday before having a hearing.  BPCA rushed in to pay his court fines for overstaying his visa enabling him to escape the brut...

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No help from Hindus as waterborne infections threaten Christian survivors of Keralan deluge

A vigorous southwest monsoon has left a trail of destruction across India's southern state of Kerala, killing over 400 people and leaving over 220,000 people homeless as their homes have either been washed away or are in no fit state to live in. Security forces rescued over 450,000 stranded people and got them to safety in a massive operation, said to be the biggest of its kind ever to be conducted in India. Despite their best efforts landslides, deep waters and crashing debris injured and killed thousands reminding us all how devastating nature can be. Hundreds being cared for by Pastor Sajhit and his church. 20,000 homes h...

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Christian man shot by neighbour on his wedding anniversary was on his way to buy a cake

The killing of a Lahore-based 35 year old Christian father who was shot in the doorway of local Muslim man's home has sparked huge controversy after police failed to register a crime until his dead body was paraded through the streets in a protest outside Lahore press club.  Even then only one national newspaper covered the story in one paragraph (click here). Pakistani Christians allege protests in which murdered bodies are dragged through the street with hundreds mourning are the only way to get police authorities to file crime reports affecting minority communities. Earlier reports named three culprits, but only one has been charged with a crime. To read our pr...

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Passing away of General Secretary Yousaf Arman (RIP)

On Sunday 12th August my children lost their last grandparent. The suddenness of his death though traumatic for his family was without any exhibited pain as his breath simply stopped. Today is his funeral and a timely message from Bishop Michel Nazir-Ali who once was rescued from a long wait at Lahore Airport when my father-in-law recognised Bishop Michael and took him to his home where he provided much needed hospitality, reminds us that he is now resting in peace and has risen in glory. My father-in-law Yousaf Arman was a dedicated and committed Christian, a man who came from humble rural beginnings and climbed to the rank of Deputy Head Teacher at Government High...

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Gunned down Pak-Christian's grief-stricken family blocks road with body

On 16th August 2018, a worker at Lahore High Court,Vicky Saleem Masih (30 yrs) brutally killed. Initial reports implicated three men named Mohammad Abbas, and two others, but only one has been charged with the murder. Though Vicky used the surname 'Masih' to identify as a Christian, the name on his identity card is actually 'Bhatti'. Vicky Masih was shot in cold blood when gunmen opened fire, the reason for the murder was first considered unknown but later chalked up to a dispute between Vicky Bhatti and Mohammad Abbas in a local news paper. The police have registered an FIR against the culprits under the section of 837/18 on the...

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Pak-Christians welcome honest reflection on abuses and calls for cooperation to fight discrimination by Pakistani High Commissioner to UK at Minority Day event

On August 8th 2018 the Pakistan High Commission in the UK held a Seminar on the, Contributions of Minorities of Pakistan in Nation Building held at the High Commission'. The event was attended by about 50 people including our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry. The event was the event was jointly organised by the High Commission and the World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP) to pay tribute to the significant contribution of minorities of Pakistan in the fields of health, education, defence, politics and other areas of socio-economic development. Speakers included Rev. Rana Youab Khan, Arif Anis Malik of WCOP, Ms. Soonu Engineer, Rev. John Hay...

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Gang of 5 brutally beats 16 year old Pakistani Christian bystander in Punjab

On 2 August at about 6:30 pm in the evening a 16-year-old Christian boy was brutally beaten by a Muslim gang after witnessing a clash between them and another rival gang.  At 6:30 pm on 2nd August 2018 two gangs of Muslim youths: the Mehboob Alam group and Sherafghan group, had a street fight in front of Vishal Masih’s home. Innocent Christian, Vishal Masih was standing outside his house and saw this fight even though it was over a quickly as it had started. The Mehboob Alam nephews not finished with their contentions and shame-faced at their loss of the fight began a violent attack on Vishal - one that left him unconscious and severely injured.Vishal ...

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Educational barriers faced by Pakistani-Christian youths may mean "Back to School" is either impossible or wrought with angst

Image taken as BPCA volunteers are about to pray at site of our potential new school for enslaved children - a school that will be the first of its kind!Learn more about the Tim Iqbal Memorial School (here)As midsummer passes and parents and students alike start to anticipate the return of the school year we want to draw your attention to the educational concerns that Pakistani-Christians face. We invite people everywhere to pray for those returning to school and for those who are unable to receive an education due to discriminatory practices they must deal with in Pakistan. These issues include the systemic prejudice taught and embedded in the curriculum, ...

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Governments' measures for Freedom of Religion or Belief must be followed by action

The appointment of Lord Tariq Ahmad as UK Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief,  at the same time as the US launch a Genocide Recovery and Persecution Response programme reveals concerns about Global international freedom.  But what good will these roles actually do?   Freedom of Religion and Belief is important everywhere and must be guarded and appreciated to be kept in trust for future generations. Only recently leading experts on religious freedom converged at the EU Parliament in Brussels on June 5th to highlight concerns about the erosion of freedom of belief for Christians in Europe (click here). The need ...

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