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200 Pakistani Christian families displaced after 4 falsely accused of descecrating the Quran by disgruntled tenants

200 Christian families from a predominately Christian neighbourhood in Karachi where displaced by a violent mob after 4 women falsely accused of blasphemy. The accuser and her husband have been arrested but Christians are being pressure not file an FIR.  KARACHI:      An angry mob of Muslim displaced 200 Christian families from their homes in a majority Christian neighbourhood - the Farooq-e-Azam neighborhood of Karachi, Pakistan - after a spurious blasphemy accusation on 19 February, 2019, against four Christian women that was later proven false. Fayaz and Samina Riaz, a Muslim couple living in that community, we...

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Muslim classmates viciously stab Christian boy in a murder attempt that left his kidney severed in two

Religious bigotry in Pakistan's education system makes schools a dangerous place for minority Christian students Please sign our petition calling for better protection of Christian children in Pakistani schools (click here) KARACHI:  Muslim students in Karachi Pakistan attempted to murder their Christian classmate Haroon Ifran (15 yrs) when they descended on him in a brutal stabbing that left his kidney severed into two pieces. The parents of students in question sought to immediately press the victim's family not to pursue charges and were joined by the police in their efforts. Haroon’s father claims that local police refused to register a First I...

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Gender-equal treatment for the jihadi wives club who say they are not a threat while shrugging at Manchester bombing and Yazidi rapes

Jihadi bride's sob stories elicit sympathy, but these women have no regrets for their luridly complicit role in IS atrocitiesPlease sign our petition calling for reform of International Law precepts regarding statelessness (click here) UK: Security and intelligence professionals are questioning the good sense of allowing Islamic State defectors who ran away to marry jihadis and establish a Caliphate, and the UK Home Office is finally following suit.   MI6 Alew Younger told the Evening Standard that jihadi brides are a threat to public safety (click here). “As we approach this admittedly extremely complex and difficult ...

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A brief survey of apostasy related hate crime against Ex-Muslims

Although Nissar Hussain and Wilson Chowdhry were invited to speak at the 'Losing My Religion' event held by the Secular Party of Australia (SPA) on 9th February 2019, the group apparently omitted taking images of the two speakers.  We accept this was an accident and not a direct result of them being the only Christian speakers at a secular event and thank SPA for allowing us to participate. The Image is of Harris Sultan who coordinated the event.Though this simple survey is by no means comprehensive and the data could be will be further analysed, I believe it is an adequate sampling that supports the need for further research, and demonstrates the fear that Ex-Mus...

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Church bomb survivor and refugee needs a new prosthetic leg as she suffers a long wait for appropriate service in Australia

Wilson Chowdhry first met with Kashmala Munawar in 2017AUSTRALIA        A young Pakistani Christian woman (22) who lost her leg in a terrorist attack at a church in Peshawar in November 2013 (click here) when she was 17-years-old and came to Australian under humanitarian measures (click here) is 11 months away from attaining Australian citizenship. Though Permanent Residents are allowed full health benefits as stated in the residency requirements of the NDIS, Kashamala is being told by charities and disability agencies that assist amputees, that Australian Citizens need only apply for artificial limbs under the health care sys...

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Nissar Hussain Christian convert who suffered 17 years of persecution galvanises support for apostates on first ever visit to Australia

Nissar Hussain Christian convert who suffered 17 years of persecution galvanises support for apostates on first ever visit to Australia AUSTRALIA: Nissar Hussain recently joined Wilson Chowdhry and the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) to travel to Australia to promote awareness for the plight of apostates. Hussain has one of the most compelling testimonies of survival against great odds at the hands of those who wish to thwart the freedoms we treasure in our liberal democracies. British born (with Pakistani origins), Hussain converted from Islam to Christianity when he was roughly fifteen years old. Conversion...

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Australians rallying behind grooming survivor Lara Hall and Lara’s Amendment

Australians rallying behind grooming survivor Lara Hall and Lara’s Amendment Please sign our petition (click here) AUSTRALIA: The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) is supporting grooming survivor and Australian citizen, Lara Hall who was groomed into going over to Pakistan in 2018 by Sajjad Khan and his malevolent family. For those who have not read her harrowing story please watch her as she shares her harrowing account here: Not one Australian TV Channel has shared the story of Lara's plight despite a media frenzy through publications across the globe.  Bravely Lara shared her account at Catch the Fi...

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BPCA in Australia to raise awareness about kaffirophobia, the plight of persecuted Christians, and apostates

BPCA descended on Australia to raise awareness about the plight of persecuted Christians, apostates and to highlight kaffirophobia AUSTRALIA: Over the past two weeks Australia hosted the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) in a spate of events designed to raise awareness about the plight of Christians, globally but particularly in Pakistan. BPCA also aimed to galvanise support for ex-muslims and thwart apostasy hatred and Kaffirophobia. BPCA President: Wilson Chowdhry, apostasy hatred survivor:Nissar Hussain and grooming survivor: Australian volunteer for BPCA, Lara Hall participated in numerous events over the preceding two...

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Falsely accused Zafar Bhatti awaits appeal of life sentence for blasphemy after second debilitating postponement

The appeal of Zafar Bhatti's life sentence for blasphemy went to the Rawalpindi High Court on 12th of February, during which it was hoped his conviction would finally be overturned sadly due illness the presiding judge failed to arrive at court resulting in postponed till 5th March - this is the second postponement this year after a January date was cancelled due to a lawyer's strike. An earlier court decision on 5th May 2017 by Rawalpindi Session court (though the hearing was heard in prison for the safety for all concerned), found there was no evidence to support the charges and reduced the previous death sentence.  Despite the judgement ostensibly in favour of ...

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Nissar Hussain in Australia with BPCA reaching out to share his UK persecution experience after quitting Islam with Ex-Muslims and churches

AUSTRALIA:The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) is pleased to announce that Australia is hosting honoured guests Wilson Chowdhry and apostasy hatred survivor, Nissar Hussain. Nissar Hussain is a man born and raised in the United Kingdom who became a Christian convert when he defected from Islam. He lived in Bradford and local Muslims, in what can only be characterised as a macabre and diabolical hate crime, repeatedly brutalised him and his family. At one point he was hit thirteen times with a pick axes outside his home and suffered a broken knee cap and shattered hand. He had previously been smoked out of his home and eventually was forced to l...

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