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All faith vigil for peace held in London after twin mosque attack in New Zealand

In the wake of the condemnable terror attack in New Zealand on Friday 15 March, the British Pakistani Christian Association held a peace vigil at Ilford Town Hall to commemorate those who were heartlessly taken too soon. In the early afternoon of Friday peace was disrupted in Christchurch as Brenton Tarrant descended on two mosques in the ordinarily quaint streets of Christchurch. The justification for the attack can be found in his crazed 73 page manifesto wherein he appears to profess a white superiority complex and hatred for Muslims. BPCA condemns such violence and does not see violent reprisal as the answer to any issues. Hundred...

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Teens want a say on knife crime too!

Hannah Chowdhry speaking at Redbridge Peace pole. We urge adults and teenagers in the UK to sign our petition calling for stronger knife-crime reforms (click here)Support Hannah Chowdhry's teen non-alcoholic bar project by donating (here). We know projects like this work as we have had success before: (click here), (here) and (here)Over 30 teenagers we polled on their concerns about knife crime and information form that was shared in a letter to the Government by teen community champion Hannah Chowdhry.  All of those polled have suggested that teenagers are ignored when it comes to matters about knife-crime pertaining to them. To provide a...

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Christchurch mosque attack stuns New Zealand - London Peace vigil organised for 6.30pm tonight!

Terror on the Streets of New Zealand – crazed Australian zealot guns down innocent muslims in atrocious attack on Christchurch mosques CHRISTCHURCH: A quiet, innocuous day in the leafy streets of the usually serene city of Christchurch New Zealand, had its tranquility irrevocably shattered by the actions of a crazed gunman, motivated by anti-muslim sentiment. Friday 15 of March is a day that will be etched on the minds of many horrified people, some of whom saw the attack on two Christchurch mosques as it was being live-streamed to the world. The gunman, 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant, an Australian citizen opened fire on Al Noor mosque i...

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Pak-Christian mother of three kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into fake Islamic marriage - husband hides with kids after being threatened by crime gang for complaining to police

Mother of three kidnapped at gunpoint has been forced into a false Islamic marriage under threat to harm her family  Please sign our petition calling for justice for abducted, raped force Islamic marriage victims (click here)ISLAMABAD A resident of Iqbal town in Islamabad, Naveed Iqbal (37)is raising an outcry after his wife Saima Iqbal (35)  of  13 years was abducted at gun point by a member of an organised crime network, held against her will, and forcefully put the mother of three children into a Muslim Nikka with the kidnapper - Pathan Khalid Satti - under great threat to both herself and her family. The inci...

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Christian Pastor arrested for sharing Gospel on London streets - due to offence to Muslims!

The Professional Standards Unit of the met police has initiated a review into the arrest and later de-arrest of Oluwole IIesanmi, a Nigerian street preacher. On Saturday 23 February in front of Southgate Tube station, North London the committed born again preacher was simply sharing his faith in the type of common preaching which churches and Christians across the country are often involved with.Please sign our petition calling for protection of Christian pastors (click here) Police officers said they arrested Mr IIesanmi, “in order to prevent a breach of the peace”, yet in the video that was shared with us by an eyewitness we ca...

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Toronto area alleged rapist posing as fake Uber driver on the run and could be in Pakistan

Mohammed Fayad (police photo) Alleged rapist Mohammed Fahad has been on the run from Toronto police in Canada for 3 weeks and could possibly be in Pakistan TORONTO: Mohammed Fahad (35) of Etobicoke, Ontario in Canada has been on the run from the police since the Family Day holiday when he failed to meet his bail conditions to stay home between 8pm and 8 am unless accompanied by one of his chaperones, and it is just being reported now. Fahad did not return to his Dixon Rd apartment, violating his curfew condition, and his chaperones, including three of his four chaperones who actually live with him, could not vouch for his where a bouts.   Family ...

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Pakistani Christian man blinded by hate attack gets medical care in Turkey

Photo Caption: Vikram's father, with Vikram John, Wilson, and Juliet Chowdhry in Turkey to help with medical service Vikram Alvin whose eye was severely damaged during an assault by a violent mob in Sept 2018 was recently in Turkey receiving medical care paid for by British Pakistani Christian Association, but doctors were unable to restore his sight TURKEY: On the 18th August 2018 a 2nd year chemical engineering student and resident of KDA 2, Mehmoodabad, Karachi, was beaten so badly by a mob of young Muslim men accompanied by an Islamic cleric, that he lost his sight. The mob using rods, clips and stick to beat the young man then...

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Young Pakistani Christian girl aged 13 abducted and forced into Islamic marriage

A young Pakistani Christian teen named Sadaf Masih has been kidnapped and forced into Islamic marriage  Please sign our petition (click here) A young girl barely in her teens, Sadaf Amir also known as Sadaf Masih (13 yrs), of Cholistan, Wichra Bangla, Bahawalpur was abducted on 6 February 2019 by influential Muslims Maqbool Hussain, Mubashir Hussain Baloch and Azhir Hussain Baloch. Following the kidnapping the perpetrators’ family informed Sadaf's family she had been taken but promised, that that they would bring her back. Wanting to believe them and fearing an altercation, Sadaf’s family waited 8 days to hear whether the k...

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