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Attempt by provincial government to usurp Christian school results in death threats at Principal

A Christian school which escaped the nationalisation programme of schools and colleges in Punjab Province instigated by Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1972, but was later usurped ilegally by a later Governor of Punjab, is struggling in the face of threats to release itself from the shackles imposed on it by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkwa.  The principal of the college had complained of threats to kill his family should he not conced the school to the provincial government. Edwardes College was established in 1900 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) and was a private Christian College owned by Diocese of Peshawar, of the Chur...

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Call it by its name: 'Persecution!' – New book release by Desmond Fernandes and the BACA detailing the plight of Pakistani Christians

The British Asian Christian Association has published a 490 page book authored by Desmond Fernandes - Call it by its name: 'Persecution!' - that comprehensively analyses and documents the manner in which Christians have been – and continue to be - persecuted throughout Pakistan. For Saleh Memon, a member of the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities: "This book paints a truly horrific picture of the treatment of Christians in Pakistan, based on concrete evidence. It also shows how Pakistani politics have gone toxic when politicians and religious leaders are using extreme communalism to gain political leverage. It is clear that Christians are disc...

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Pakistani Christian Mother of Four Escapes Enforced Prostitution and Kidnap by Chinese traffickers

Usually the only help for an uneducated poor Christian woman in Pakistan is to marry herself out of poverty.  The arranged marriage process has its faults but for many Christian families it has allowed social progress through beneficial loving Christian relationships. However for Rita Yousaf the process became a diabolical nightmare - not once but twice! Rita Yousaf was 23 when she married her Christian husband, a marriage her parents’ thought was a potential ideal escape for their daughter. Being one of six children, her struggling parents found it tough just to put food on the table and finding suitable husbands for daughters is an opportu...

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Teenage Christian survivor of brutal gang-rape has found the strength through God to enter into marriage

Mehwish, Sehrish (bride in 2016), Farzana and a friend A Survivor of a Muslim gang-rape has choosen marriage over victimhood after receiving biblically based trauma counselling Farzana who had survived one of the most brutal gang-rape incidents that British Asian Christian Association has ever responded to, has chosen to forgive her rapists and drop her sense of victimhood in favour of marriage after a series of trauma counselling sessions with Mehwish Bhatti, our National Executive in Pakistan. Farzana’s sister, Sehrish, who was also attacked at the incident, married in 2016 after finding solace in her innocence and the love of God...

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Christian Girl 15 Y/O kidnapped by Muslim men whilst putting out trash

Sania's younger sister Muskan, mother Aasia Bibi and father Latif Masih along with BPCA officer Zeeshan A Muslim man has been detained for questioning by police during an investigation into the disappearance of an 8th grade Christian schoolgirl, Sania Masih (15 yrs). Please sign or petition calling for end to abduction, rape and forced Islamic marriage of Chrstian girls (click here) Razaabad police arrested Mohammad Nasir on the first day Sania went missing, Sunday 19th May 2019, but stopped the investigation a day before Eid-ul-fitr. Sania Masih is the 2nd child of Mason Latif Masih, (39 yrs) and housewife Aasia Masih,...

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