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Small Christian village attacked by irate Muslim mob of over 300 after villager spilt water on clothes of young Muslim man

Image: At the home of Mungtah Masih who lost a thumb in the attack BACA officers heard frightening accounts of the attack. A small Christian village were subjected to a violent mob attack by over 300 Muslim villagers on 14th May 2021, creating fear and anxiety and leaving a trail of injured victims.  People from the christian community of Chak 5, Okara are still in fear of a further attack and little help or support is being provided by police who are claiming that they are powerless to defend the innocent people in the community. The angst against the Christians began not from the usual false blasphemy attacks that ensue a...

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Teenage blasphemy victim set free by BACA when 20 yrs old, has successful operation to remove large painful lipomas developed during incarceration

Nabeel Masih a Christian Teenager of only 16 years old when convicted of blasphemy had been released from prison on bail on 18th March, after a two year long campaign and legal battle led by British Asian Christian Association.  Read more and watch video (here) The young man now 20 years of age was smuggled to a place of secrecy and is now hoping to restart his life abroad, free from the threats of death that he faces in Pakistan. BACA hope to soon get Nabeel Masih a swift exit to a country of safety, but first we must ensure he is acquitted from the blasphemy trial that has stolen 4 of the most important years of his young life. ...

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Ailing health sparks fear of never seeing blasphemy convict husband free in her lifetime for loyal praying Christian wife now 72 years old

Pak-Christian wife Nawab Bibi (72 yrs) has been living alone since her husband of over 30 years, Zafar Bhatti (57 yrs) was arrested and sent to prison under evidentially false blasphemy charges in 2012. As a committed and loyal wife, Nawab has been visiting her husband weekly and has been providing home cooked food and companionship, despite her ailing health.  Nawab Bibi prays with and for her husband and believes strongly that he will one day be exonarated like the many Christians before him but fears such a release may be too late for her to see the day come to fruition. Last month (30th April 2021) Nawab fell down the external stairs of her building just as...

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BACA financially support Pak-Christian asylum family with mentally impaired child after father was killed after fall from ladder while working illegally for pittance

After the patriarch of a family with 5 children died, British Asian Christian Association stepped in to provide some financial support.  Babar Ishaq was the first ever Pak-Christian asylum seeker met by BACA when we first undertook a reconnaisance back in 2012. After our representative visited Christchurch in Bangkok on a hunch that Pakistani Christians would attend an English speaking church, Babar then introduced our group to the many of thousands of other Christians. There are thousands of Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand trapped in limbo as they await resettlement in a country that has signed UN conventions for asylum. Man...

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