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3 year old Christian child subjected to brutal rape while learning at UNICEF sponsored school.

A three year old Christian child has been raped while attending a UNICEF sponsored school in Raiwind, Pakistan.  Police are investigating the husband of Mrs Saleem the Principal of the school, for the alleged rape. Video taken from public Facebook page of Saleem Iqbal: Punjab Minister for Human Rights Mr. Ijaz Alam Augustin confirms rape of child of 3 years at UNICEF funded school. In the video he confirms that attempts were being made by some of the compatriots of Muhammed Saleem to lay blasphemy charges on the family of Anna to thwart justice. On 5th July 2021, Anna Chand had begun an educational program at 'UNICEF School Sys...

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Pakistan Religious Affairs Ministry oppose a restriction on converting religion before the age of 18

Image of abduction, rape and forced Marriage victim Fouzi Bibi (light turquoise dress) at divorce celebration party after BACA set her free from her rapist husband in 2017- the first escape from forced marriage by a Pak-Christian woman (click here).By Hannah Chowdhry A decision by Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs on Wednesday (14th July 2021) opposing a restriction on converting religion before the age of 18 years, is supported by British Asian Christian Association. Noorul Haq Qadri the Minister for Religious Affairs, during a meeting of the Senate parliamentary committee on minorities' rights, said: “…if someone aged 14 ...

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Court delays prevent acquittal of Nabeel Masih who was 16 when imprisoned for blasphemy.

Nabeel Masih (now 20 yrs) Pakistan's youngest ever blasphemy victim was released from prison through the work of British Asian Christian Association on 18th of March.  By this time he had already spent more than fours years of his life in Kasur District Jail. Read more (here).Since that date British Asian Christian Association have continued the necessary legal work to obtain his acquittal and have also helped with necessary medical treatment to resolve health conditions that arose, while he was isolated in a decrepit cell (click here).We update you on the current legal timeline since our last article:2nd June 2021- Judge replaced by Miss Farida Ijaz meaning a...

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Murderers of ritually impure Christian have secured bail but will now face trial

With help from British Asian Christian Association, the mother and father of Saleem Masih continue to fight for justice for their murdered son. Saleem Masih (22 yrs) was beaten to death for rinsing himself off in the tube well of Muslim land owners in Chunia District, Kasur. It should be noted that many Muslim men have been permitted to rinse themselves off in the well for many years, however it was the fact that a ‘ritually unclean’ Christian dared to use the well in this fashion that led to his murder. Read more (here) On 10th April, The Additional Sessions Judge, Miss Ayesha Khalid after having been convinced by the strong arguments from our solicitor Miss Sumaira H...

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Christian man: Pakistan's longest serving blasphemy convict ever has his appeal refused!

Nawab Bibi with our British Asian Christian Association field worker outside Adiala Jail. The plight of an elderly Blasphemy victim whose farcical charges for blasphemy should never have stood has been exacerbated by yet another refusal of his appeal. The conviction for Zafar Bhatti (58 yrs) is based on a Muslim witness testimony who was not present at the time of the blasphemy.  Moreover the phone and SIM from which blasphemous texts appeared where not even from the phone of Zafar Bhatti. Furthermore he is illiterate and could not have texted in English the language used for the blasphemous texts. Mr Bhatti has lost 9 years of his li...

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