Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


In Thailand we continue to support vulnerable mothers whose husbands are locked in IDC - with your help we can aid more!

In 2018 after one of the largest raids on an asylum seeker condo by Bangkok authorities  led to the arrest of Humaira and her children British Asian Christian Association, helped Sumaira and her children escape the brutal Bangkok Immigration Detention Centre.  Since then we have been supporting her financially and like many other wives and mothers Humaira is still praying for the release from the IDC of her husband.  Until that long awaited date BPCA will stand shoulder to shoulder with her to ensure that her essential needs are catered for. We are also supporting Sapna whose husband was arrested during the same raid....

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BPCA submits a report to a UK parliamentary inquiry questioning the effectiveness and coherence of the UK Department for International Development’s aid programme for Pakistan

Juliet Chowdhry Trustee of the BPCA (nearest with poster of 125 Martyrs) at protest organised BPCA after twin bomb attack at church in Peshawar killed 125 people. Juliet lost 13 members of her family in the attack. Sign our petition to stop UK foreign aid to Pakistan (here) The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) this week submitted a report (authored by Desmond Fernandes)[i] to the International Development Committee’s parliamentary inquiry into the effectiveness and coherence of the UK Department for International Development’s (DFID’s) aid programme for Pakistan. BPCA shared a number of its key concerns relating to DFID’s...

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Miracle Woman Evicted by Her Hindu Son After Conversion to Christianity

A Christian converted couple were forced out of their own home by their Hindu son when they left Hinduism after experiencing a miracle. Champa Digwal (55) and her husband Sultan (58) became Christian when she was miraculously cured of continued bleeding after she heard of similar story in the bible in Matthew 5:25-29, when a woman with continual premenstrual bleeding was cured by touching Jesus’s cloak. The miracle biblical story of healing inspired Hindu Champa to attend church and experienced her own miracle when her own bleeding stopped after 12 years and converted to Christianity. Her husband also became a believer after witnessing the miracle and ...

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Indian Church demolished by local council within month of opening

In an act of bureaucratic vandalism, a newly built church was demolished after just over a month of use. The local authority ordered the destruction due to a lack of planning permission despite the entire community having been built without any. Pastor Newton Das, (35), began the purchase of a 600sq yard plot of land for a church in Sirsa, Haryana, in December 2017. After completing payments for the land amounting to 9 Lakh rupees (£10,300) in August 2018, Pastor Newton began to develop the land. To save costs he hired local contractors at 3 Lakh rupees (£3,440) and drew on substantial help through congregational members who volunteered, eager to begin worship in a de...

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15 Y/O Girl kidnapped and raped while paying monthly payment to debt collectors enters safe house funded by BACA.

A Christian teenage girl gang raped by 5 men, has been moved, along with her whole family, to a safe house. Maria Jalal who was only 15 when she was continually and brutally raped over a 24-hour period in June 2019 after she opened the door to a debt collector, has now been moved to safety, courtesy of British Asian Christian Association.  Any attack of this nature is horrifying but the fact that Maria Jalal was kidnapped after having first paid the regular loan repayment on behalf of her parents is a sickening new twist.  Previous cases have generally involved the unjustifiable rape of Christian women when a payment has not been made. Full details of Maria's...

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14-year-old Christian girl abducted from school and forced into Islamic Marriage to be set free by courts due to tender age

Image of Laiba Shahzad A Christian girl from Sargodha was abducted and forced converted to Islam to marry by a Muslim man.Laiba Shahzad was taken by Imran Haider (24) to an unknown location after being dropped off to school by her rickshaw driver.In a statement the rickshaw driver said that early on Tuesday 16th July 2019 he left the 9th grade Grammar school student as usual on the street corner near her Mission Grammar Private School. Laiba however failed to return home later that day.When she failed to return home, the family became worried and contacted the driver who confirmed delivery of Laiba to school that morning. He also explained that he had waited for her a...

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Harrasment charges placed on 11 Christian pastors who dared to complain to police about anti-social behaviour from Hindu

Image of three of the 11 Pastors with our BACA representative. 11 Christian church pastors who complained to the police about the anti-social behaviour of a local Hindu neighbour, were themselves arrested on false charges of harassment. Three years ago, Pastor Gyanendra with the help of Believers Church of India (BCI) an Indian based Christian organization purchased a piece of land at Shivram District Chitracoot. Due to limited financial provision it took two years for the completion of the basic infra structure for the Church building. However, while the church building slowly developed Pastor Gyanendra started conducting regular church meet...

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Muslim extremist who shared vile-hate video targeting Christian converts will not be prosecuted

BACA though disappointed with the result commend Lancashire Police for their due diligence in an investigation of the hate-filled rant by Zaheer Hussain.  After initially being advised that there was no chance for a prosecution under existing hate crime legislation, progress was made after BPCA representatives attended an invite-only meeting held at Preston Police Station with Chief Inspector Sansbury, in July.  CI Sansbury maintained communication with BPCA after the meeting and explained that attempts were being made to challenge the CPS to register charges under a lesser offence.You can learn more about this (here) As a result of the discussion with Polic...

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Nutritious food for Bangkok Detainees

British Asian Christian Association, is continuing to provide monthly food packages to detainees at the Bangkok Immigration Detention Centre IDC.  Our food is shared between the Christian community and the non-Christians in their midst. During his delivery of the food packages our officer John prays with the Christians he meets and shares news and messages between detainees and the external community.  This ensures families and friends can keep in touch with one another to some extent, while also helping them to plan their future together despite the issues of separation. With each food package John includes a written b...

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Pakistani Christian accused of petty crime beaten to death whilst in police custody

A Christian family from Lahore demanded that authorities initiate an investigation into the death of a young Christian man named Amir Masih, who was killed whilst in police custody on September 3rd 2019. A First Information Report (FIR) has been lodged by the victim’s brother in which he describes slain Amir as being employed as a gardener in Lahore’s wealthy PAF Colony.  He has stated that Amir was summoned to North Cantt Police Station by Sub-Inspector Zeeshan on August 28th with other employees after a minor theft from his employers home.  Amir travelled to the police station of his own volition to give what he thought would be a quick...

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