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Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok celebrate Christ birth in secret for fear of arrest

British Pakistani Christian Association helped a small group of brave Pakistani Christian asylum seekers to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ at a clandestine church service within their condominium tower roof space. Though fearful that their gathering might trigger a police and immigration raid, Christian revellers held a celebration from 4 - 7pm on Christmas eve, filled with carols and worship songs. Throughout the night corporate and private prayers plus a series of bible teachings, helped build a relationship with God along with a sense of hope. Moreover, it maintained the strong camaraderie and fellowship that bo...

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“They Forced Me Down, All I Did Was Pray”: the story of a Pakistani Christian rape survivor

Story written by Xari Jalil of VoicePK original can be found (here)LAHORE: It was four in the evening when 15 year old Maria Jalal, was alone at home, and she heard a knock at the door. Making her way to the front door, she assumed it must be her mother. But what happened next would change her life forever. Outside 25 year old Muhammad Sajid, stood saying he had come to collect the family’s dues. Sajid came every month for the monthly installment of Rs1500 – the repayment of a microfinance loan totaling Rs30,000. Nasreen Bibi, 48, a sweeper at the Municipal Co-operation and her electrician husband Jalal Masih, along with Maria’s 19 year old brother Shahid strugg...

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Christmas arrests of Pakistani Christian refugee and asylum seekers in Bangkok shatters their celebration of Christ's birth

Arrested individuals forced to sit on the condo car park as they await transfer to a jail. While people around the world begin preparations for Christmas and the holidays, parties and family gatherings that ensue around 30 Pak-Christian asylum seekers and refugees begin a morale-sapping detention in a Thai cell before moving into a long-term detainment in the substandard Immigration detention centres (IDC) in Bangkok. Worse still family members and friends may have to suffer long term, distant separation from one another as refurbishment at the main Bangkok IDC has already scattered the Pak-Christian community across the nation of Thailand...

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Hammersmith, London: White single-mum complains of Muslim no go area after being persecuted because she sang Christian worship songs

A Christian woman who is also a Conservative candidate for the council ward of Shepherds Bush Green has complained that she is being targeted by Muslims for her faith.  Liane Pibworth believes that a series of threats and attacks on her and her daughter are a direct result of the offence caused from her singing of Christian worship songs with her two young daughters.  Liane told BACA that this was raised as a concern by officers from Peabody Trust and Old Oak Housing Association, who are responsible for her housing. Though most of her alleged persecution is enacted by one family Liane has been shunned by the rest of the Muslim community. She has stated that...

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Family Devastated After Father Leaps From Train Inferno

Surviving family of Mehboob Masih with Mehwish Bhatti BPCA National Executive in Pakistan The family of a man who leapt to his death from a burning train say they are devastated and in constant tears over the tragic loss of their beloved husband and breadwinner. Mehboob Masih, 50, died from his injuries after he jumped escaping flames from adjacent carriages that were engulfed by fire thought to be caused by gas canisters used on portable gas stoves. Read original story (here) Mr. Masih who worked as a driver was the only provider for his wife and three children who now feel their dream of a better life and chance of an education has been devastated by this...

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Islamist Knife rampager shot by police near London Bridge

This screenshot image was taken from a video shared with BPCA via Facebook watch video below: A suspected terrorist attack was thwarted by London's Met Police after an Islamist knife rampager was first grappled to the ground by local citizens and then shot dead by armed officers. One man who is featured in several photos taken by witnesses even managed to grab the knife from the assailant but not before the enraged individual had injured six people three of whom are in a critical condition.  One other man has been detained by the police. Witnesses are reported to have seen a man with two large knifes being...

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BACA trustee racially abused while using London seeks people of good conscience to speak out

Juliet Chowdhry sharing a meal with Qaisor Pervaiz (a bomb survivor from the attack in Peshawar in 2013) and his family during a visit to Pakistan. Yesterday Juliet Chowdhry a trustee for the British Pakistani Christian Association spent the best part of 3 hours at Ilford Police Station where she was required to submit a report on the despicable racially aggravated public order offence she was subjected to while travelling on a Transport for London (TFL) Route 150 bus, via bus carriage company Arriva. The incident itself had occurred on Sunday 3rd November at around 6.30pm when Juliet had entered the bus via a stop opposite Fullwell Cross Swimming ...

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Kind Pakistani Christian murdered by Muslim for asking for return of loan

Image of Kaiman and Manisha at the end of this article is a gruesome image taken after his death which the family have asked us to share.  Please avoid this if it may affect you adversely.A man, described as sincere and kind-hearted, was killed when he asked his friends to repay him money he lent them. Kaiman Bashir (26 yrs) died when his friends Mozam and Akmal refused to repay a 300,000 Pak-rupee loan (£1764), given to them over a two month period. Simon's generous loan was inherited  from his share of his father’s land earlier this year worth 1,600,000 Pak-rupees (£9400). Kaiman Bashir, described as a man with a good heart, worked as an office boy for...

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UK Christians given workshop on persecution in Pakistan

Image: Nissar Hussain brave persecution survivor from Bradford and Hannah Chowdhry BACA volunteer giving introductory speech for our workshops.  In early October British Asian Christian Association were given the privilege of speaking and holding workshops at an event titled 'Living Courageously under persecution'.  We used the opportunity to describe the persecution of Christians in South East Asia and similar persecution of Muslim converts in the UK. The event is an annual event and now in its 3rd year has become quite established.  Though the attendance was small many of those who attended were in senior positions within the church. Though BPCA has...

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Indian Christians return to their village from church to find destroyed remains of their homes

73 Indian Christians from the town of Sajjapuram Tanuka, Andra Pradesh, returned home from Church after a riveting Sunday service to find that their bamboo homes had been destroyed in a violent fire.  Despite their loss the entire community has thanked God that he protected them all in the confines of their church building 5km away, while the fire ravaged through their properties. On 27th of October 2019 while revellers of a small Christian enclave in Andra Pradesh attended Prayer Power Church, 5km from their village at 10.30am, they were left unaware of their homes being razed to the ground while they worshipped in safety.  ...

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