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Fears that high COVID-19 infection rates in Pakistan will kill thousands of Christians raised by charity

Pakistan has only had relatively few infections of Coronavirus but even then the Government has begun a lockdown in provinces most affected. The number of Coronavirus infections in Pakistan rose to 646 after the country reported 160 new cases over the last 24 hours.  Pakistan has registered its 4th death from COVID-19 today which is the third from the province of Khyber Pakhtunkwa (KPK).  Provincial governments have announced the closure of public spaces, educational institutions, public transports, market, malls and playgrounds for at least three weeks, while section 144 has been imposed and strict action is being taken against those who are stocking up fa...

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Supermarket queues will soon make it impossible to feed homeless say's local charity

A Redbridge-based charity has called for changes to the local shopping regime to enable charities essential NHS and other emergency staff to get their essential shopping done to maximise their efficiency at work. British Asian Christian Association has warned that to feed the regular homeless visitors that attend their centre in Ilford has become nigh on impossible due to exaggerated shopping queues and panic buying, that leave them having to visit at least 6 stores to provide their services legally.  Yesterday at Costco Walthamstow a sign that was up before shoppers began at 9.30 warned that over 10 items had been sold out within their s...

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Social-distancing and good hygiene practice allows BACA to feed homeless and help vulnerable people forced to self-isolate

Thursday (19th March) saw the strangest but most necessary development since we began our 'Meals for the Homeless' project in Ilford. For months we have been trying to provide a safe atmosphere for London's homeless to meet, share fellowship and enjoy a hearty meal.   However, this week we planned to take the service out into the open to ensure our practice was 'COVID-19 compliant'.  Social-distancing has become a buzzword commonly used to describe the introduction of a new temporary culture in global society, no longer to the British shake hands or the French and Italian kiss cheeks to welcome one another.  Instead we see young...

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BACA COVID-19 community volunteer group helps patient on kidney dialysis requiring immediate self-isolation

Yesterday BACA began to share details of their COVID-19 community volunteer group for Ilford and Chigwell, for which we have partnered with various groups including All Saint's Church (Chigwell), East Ilford Betterment Partnership and Chigwell Row Residents Association.  Today after a call to our office from a man known to BACA we were able to provide our first community needs response.  Joel Kyari who lives not too far from our offices and was aware of our foodbank, asked if there was any food available for him.  Joel has been a local resident for some years and due to poor kidney health had a kidney removal operation last week...

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UK Government must assist charities supporting the homeless to prevent loss of essential aid!

A homeless people's support group in Ilford is raising deep concern over the lack of advice and support for charities working with these vulnerable people through the current COVID-19 Pandemic. British Asian Christian Association has been supporting over 26 people through a 'Meals for the Homeless' project.  They have also been helping some of the same individuals and other deprived families in the borough with a foodbank facility (click here). However, in recent weeks the food being received via Tesco under a 'Fareshare' Charitable distribution has reduced due to the selfish hoarding of a few, that has resulted in panic-buying by the...

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In Jesus we can have peace despite Coronavirus - He has overcome the world!

Here is an encouraging video from Brother Leighton our Missionary to Pakistan, who reminds us that the church  during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Panic on the streets of London as shoppers cram trolleys following rise in Coronavirus infections

Juliet Chowdhry (bottom left) can be seen buying a tea urn, plastic boxes and one package of Kitchen rolls for our homeless feeding centre. Panic has set into the people of London, as concerns about the spread of Coronavirus has stimulated a wave of hoarders. Last night in the London Borough of Redbridge, shops through the borough were missing many regular produce. At the Goodmayes Tesco branch, shelves could be seen to be bereft of any tissues, rice, chapatti flour, pasta, sanitizers and medicines such as paracetamol and cough/flu remedies. Whereas Lidl and Farm Foods in Ilford town centre were exhibiting bold-large-type posters warning shoppers that they had no ti...

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Campaigners concern rises as cynical Sri Lankan government formally withdraws from UNHRC Resolution a week before Special Rapporteur report

Image of our former Chairman Wilson Chowdhry presenting a BPCA report on Christian persecution by Desmond Fernandes, to a Senior Protection Officer at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees at Sri Lanka in 2017.We detail below the importance and significance of the findings of the UN Special Rapporteur’s report on violations of freedom of religion or belief in Sri Lanka. In September 2015 after a landmark investigation the United Nations released a major report on serious human rights violations committed during the final stages of the Sri Lankan civil war and the surrounding period (2002-2011). The ‘OISL Report’ [1] asserted that violati...

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Christian man beaten to death for bathing in Muslim-owned tube-well

Image of Suriya Masih mother of Saleem Masih (RIP) with BACA officer Edward Masih. A Christian man was beaten to death after he rinsed himself off in a Muslim-owned tube-well in Chunian Village, Kasur. Saleem Maish (22 yrs) a Christian labourer, had finished his shift unloading chaff collected from fields in Baguyana village on 25th February and rinsed himself at a local tube-well. Saleem had bathed at the location previously which is frequently used by local Muslims for the same purpose. This time however, the landowners of the field in which the well was installed were offended that a ritually impure Christian had used their well. Image of a tu...

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Christian shot in Sahiwal can no longer speak and requires specialist brain surgery

We previously reported on the double shooting and axe attack on the Christian community of Sahiwal near Lahore, following attempts to build a church.  You can read the full article (here)   Azeem Masih (32 yrs) who was shot in the head before his entire 38 family Christian community who were forced to stay back and watch has undergone specialist brain surgery at a hospital in Lahore.  He is now out of critical condition but is unable to speak and is recovering many of his other senses slowly.  The family have asked for support for the costs of now necessary muscular and speech therapy through which it may take up to a year for h...

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