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Pakistan's other woman blasphemy victim and her disabled husband still await an appeal against their blasphemy conviction

Following the joyous news of Christian Asia Bibi's release from jail in the early hours of Wednesday 8th May, we highlight the plight of a Christian Pakistani couple who have also been facing execution in a Pakistan prison for five years. Please sign our petition (click here) Shagufta Kousar and Shafqat Masih were sentenced to death on 4th April 2014 following a court trial where they were accused of sending blasphemous text under Islamic law to a Muslim man.  Now Shagufta is imprisoned at Multan Jail and Shafqat is 150 miles away at Faisalabad District Jail both have have not seen each other since their incarceration and are exhibiting signs of ...

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Double Joy on Easter Sunday

The celebration of Easter Sunday was made even more sweeter when a Christian family in Pakistan learnt their school fee debts of their murdered son was wiped out. A donation by VOVTV led by Pastor Teerth Sond in Wolverhampton to the British Pakistani Christian Association ensured the £1200 debt incurred by the Masih family following the tragic death of their gifted son, has been fully paid Nearly two years on from the horrific classroom attack of top Pakistani Christian Student Sharoon Masih by fellow pupils, BPCA representative Mehwish Bhatti, went to revisit his family following his tragic death. Two days before the Easter Sunday...

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Asia Bibi is free at last!

Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim Asia Bibi was finally released from her homeland where she has become the most hated figure in the country despite law courts exonerating her from the false charges that had kept her incarcerated in solitary confinement for almost 10 years. In the early hours of the morning today(1am) BPCA received confirmation from a British diplomat that Asia Bibi had safely exited Pakistan.  Asia Bibi bravely held on to her faith through the most brutal of incarcerations that involved her having access to sunlight for two hours per month. Now she finally travels to Canada to be reunited with her children. ...

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People of good conscience in the UK mourn the victims of Sri Lanka bombings at several events

In the wake of the devastating bomb attacks on churches in Sri Lanka the global mourning amongst people of good conscience from all walks of life has been  palpable. Events have sprung up across the UK as well as across the globe starting with a memorial service on Thursday 25th April, at Beulah Family Church, Thornton Heath,  at which Pastor Ceaser led the event and involved several other Tamil Pastors. Before the short service which featured on BBC's Songs of Praise a candlelight vigil was held in rememberance of the dead invited guests Wilson and Juliet Chowdhry of the British Asian Christian Association, spoke about the need ...

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Asylum seekers attacked in Negombo in wake of Church bomb attacks

Several migrant groups in Sri Lanka have been seeking protection in the police stations of Negombo after a series of attacks. Afghan and Pakistani asylum seekers have complained about threats to their lives from the local community after the series of bomb attacks. See Reuters News story (here) We spoke to one of the frightened asylum seekers, he described events of the past few days and explained how dangerous the situation is, he said: "For the last 4 days large groups of local Sri Lankans have been threatening to kill us if we stay in our homes. "Some homes have been attacked in Sea Street, and Peter Mendes Road and in the ...

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BPCA reaches victims of Zion Church, Batticaloa

BPCA National Executive Anton Kyanq (centre) meets victims at Zion Church Batticaloa More than 100 families were affected by the bomb attack in batticaloa and out of 19 of the families atending the church 29 members were killed. We met the wife of Pastor Thirukkumaran's whose son Thirukkumaran Shalom Malkiya (11 yrs) was killes in the attack.  She said:"I agonise over the loss of my young son who never even had the chance to experience much life in this world. "he was a happy, contented son who never said bad who had many friends and few enemies if any. "These killers have shaken our peace and left our family and many others in great di...

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Peace Vigil to be held outside Ilford Town Hall to remember victims of Sri Lanka Bomb Attack

A multi-cultural and multi faith peace vigil is to be held outside Ilford Town Hall tomorrow at 6.30pm.   The event which is organised by British Pakistani Christian Association and both Ilford and Newham branches of Emmanuel Christian Centre (Tamil Churches.   At the event a bagpiper will be playing a lament before and after a one minute silence to the 300+ innocent people who were killed in the attack. We are urging people of all faiths shocked by the attack to come and join us in solidarity for the victims of this latest devastating attack. Event:  Together Stronger (vigil for Sri Lanka)Time:    ...

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Death toll rises in Sri Lanka after 10 bombs detonate in churches and hotels

As Easter celebrations were taking place across Sri Lanka in particular within the cities of Colombo and Negombo - where the largest Christian communities exist - a depraved series of bomb attacks on churches and exclusive hotels brought terror to revellers and tourists. Early reports focused on 8 explosions but by the end of the day the final count was 10 in which over 200 people were killed and at least a further 400 injured. In the early hours of Easter Day (21st April 2019) at approximately 8.30am (3am GMT) while churches were in the midst of celebrations of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a spate of terrorist attacks across the country ripp...

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Holi celebration in Pakistan leads to kidnap of two Hindu girls - later forced into Islamic marriage

Image: BPCA Friend Cllr Sham Lal, met with the family of the kidnapped girls on our behalf. L-R Clr Sham Lall (46 yrs), Abji Mother of the sisters (48 yrs), Father Hari Das (60 yrs) and brother Shamaan Das (30 yrs)Two Hindu sisters who converted to Islam and their alleged rapist husbands will be provided security by the federal government, the Islamabad High Court ruled on Tuesday.Please sign our petition (click here) Holi is an ancient festival popularly known as the "festival of love", or the "festival of colours". It is a celebration steeped in ancient beliefs and customs, at it's core it is about the victory of good over evil, rekindling broken relationship...

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Rapist who forcibly Islamically married Christian wife and mother of three still on the loose

Naveed Iqbal (37 yrs), Saima (35 yrs) and Danish (8 yrs) A family's tumultuous period of running from home to home as they sought protection from the violent rapist of a Christian wife and mother of three children has come to an end, after British Pakistani Christian Association stepped in and put them in a safe house.  Rapist Khalid Satti who kidnapped Saima Iqbal (35 yrs) 0n 25th February 2019, from her home, before her two of her three children has been scouring the community with violent friends of his trying to find the family so he can thwart justice. Please sign our petition calling for justice for abducted, raped force Is...

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