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Candlelight vigil to be held for Asia Bibi

A Candlelight Vigil is to be held in the garden of St Mary's Church Islington at the site of a Church were the first ever Pakistani Christian church in the UK began.  The vigil will begin at 5pm following an Asian Church Convention and people of all diversities are welcome to come show their support for near-10 year blasphemy convict Asia Bibi whose life stands in the balance, after Mulsim rioters in Pakistan have forced the Government of Pakistan to agree to hear an appeal of her recent successful supreme Court appeal verdict. People of good conscience are invited to attend the Convention as most of the service will be conducted in E...

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Government caving in to the pressure; terror and lawlessness in Pakistan mean Asia Bibi needs asylum now!

The daughter of Asia Bibi Esham weeps yesterday as she hears that rioters are demanding the death of her mother and forcing the Government to stop her flying out of the malice that surrounds them. BREAKING NEWS:   Media emanating out of Pakistan today is saying the government has caved in to the demand of violent rioters who have demanded that Asia Bibi  is put on the 'Exit Control List' (ECL)  that would prevent her from fleeing the malice towards her in her homeland (click here)  There will also be no opposition by the government to a review petition filed against the Supreme Court's judgement in the Asia B...

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Militant mob demands Asia Bibi as her family waits for asylum

Caption: Asia Bibi's daughter, Family Guardian, and Asia Bibi's husband with Wilson Chowdhry at a recent event in the UK  As the day of Asia Bibi's release draws nearer the family fear that delays with an asylum application to a western Embassy could result in the heightened risk of Asia Bibi being slain in an extra-judicial killing. Already hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Muslims have taken to the streets to protest against her release and calling for her death. Would Pakistan negotiate with a murderous mob-who-chants: "Hang her!"? Some social media reports within Pakistan this morning went out questioning Imran Khan's resolv...

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BREAKING NEWS: Asia Bibi is to be freed!

Asia Bibi is free! Chief Justice Saqib Nasir has given the order to release her as soon as possible and she has been found not guilty of all charges of blasphemy. The Chief Justice is reported to have said: "Her conviction is set aside and she is to be relieved forthwith." The portions of the 56 page verdict written by Chief Justice highlighting the importance of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and were released in DAWN and read as follows: "It is a well settled principle of law that one who makes an assertion has to prove it. Thus, the onus rests on the prosecution to prove guilt of the accused beyon...

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Pakistan's special bench to announce Asia Bibi verdict on All Hallows' Eve

The announcement of Asia Bibi's court verdict is set for 9:00am on October 31, 2018. The mother of five has been under threat of the death penalty for trumped up blasphemy charges longer than any other individual and if she is convicted would be the first person executed in Pakistan by the state for such charges.   The President of the European Parliament has warned Pakistan that it is making a 'big mistake' in its treatment of Asia Bibi, a mother-of-five facing execution for blasphemy. President Antonio Tajani raised the case against Bibi during the plenary session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week, he said: "I...

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Bail allowed for refugee moms with children as clemency calls for Pak-Christians in IDC continue

Appeals for clemency continue for Pak-Christian asylum-seekers detained in Bangkok’s Immigration Detention Centre.  Great fear of deportation still looms as there have been no public reports that have indicated the Thai governments plans to change their plans to deport asylum-seekers within the month. It is now unclear if Pakistani has properly inked the understood deportation deal with Thailand, who with great diligence set forth to arrest a large number of Pak-Christians in their anti-immigration thrust against overstayers. Those asylum seekers who are yet to be determined, are under appeal, or whose cases have been closed are set to ...

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Local schoolgirl and community/international campaigner receives prestigious youth award

From left to right: Ashley Banjo from Diversity, Hannah Chowdhry BCyA and Liz Moorse CEO of charity ACT. British Citizen Youth Awards to honour Hannah Chowdhry Awards held in association with Specsavers for the third time A 14-year-old local schoolgirl and community campaigner has been honoured with a prestigious youth award at a ceremony hosted by Diversity star Ashley Banjo in London Read what Ilford Recorder wrote (here)Read what Wanstead and Woodford Guardian wrote (here)Read what Yellow Advertiser wrote (here) A 14-year-old local schoolgirl and community campaigner has been honoured with a prestigious youth award at a ceremony hosted by Di...

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Departures begin, causing depression and anxiety amongst Pak-Christians in Thailand

In the wake of arrests and threats of deportation of the large Pak-Christian asylum seekers community in Thailand.  Our local BPCA officer has been working hard to locate those who have escaped the immigration bureau.  We have discovered many hidden asylum-seekers and have offered aid at this difficult time of fear and family separation as the traumatised community try to make sense of life after the latest immigration campaign. Despairing mothers have been left behind to care for children on their own without any recourse to funds and with help from others having been limited after the Government warned humanitarian groups and citizens that ...

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Forgiveness and repentance bring mercy

Leighton Medley our BPCA Outreach Minister has returned to Pakistan to reach new communities with the true Gospel of Christ and to continue discipling those who have already been reached through our previous campaigns. Leighton's remit for this work is quite simple, he is to bolster the faith of Christians who have little access to regular church services, setting up bible study leaders who will one day become ministers of the Gospel in rural communities. He is to bring revival and better understanding to Christian churches in Pakistan many of which have adopted a very legalistic theology and have forgotten the need for repentance, faith in Christ and t...

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Wilson Chowdhry Live with John Bosco on Sky 714 at 8:30pm

Image of Wilson Chowdhry, Alan Craig and John Bosco taken in 2017. Wilson Chowdhry spoke to Gateway Gazette TV programme with John Bosco on 18th October 2018 to provide an update on the situation regarding Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand:Their regular programme can be watched every second Thursday at 8pm, on Facebook, Sky 714 or YouTube. Go to the MATV channel watch live.Wilson Chowdhry has appeared several times on this channel that has been serving the Pak-Christian community for 10-11 years and become a leading voice for minorities across the globe.  Please pray for the channel which serves great purpose for our many campaigns and is consider...

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