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Another Christian killed in Police custody

Farman Masih received by his family still in police handcuffs despite him being in no state to cause harm to anyone! Another Christian man has been killed whilst in Police custody in an incident that is remarkably similar to previous ones. This victim is the first on record to not have had a blasphemy charge laid against him, he was accused of theft of a battery. Farman Masih a 25 year old Christian man was found dead in a stream on Saturday 18th April 2015, after a bungled police arrest apparently allowed him to plunge to his death whilst trying to escape.  Or so say Pakistani mainstream media. Reports suggest that Mr Masih was arrested at his home by the As...

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Sherish and Farzana show significant signs of recovery from gang-rape ordeal.

Maths is fun for formerly illiterate sisters Sherish and Farzana The number of recent attacks on Christians in Pakistan has diverted us from reporting on Sherish (14 years) and Farzana (16 years), the two sisters whom we have taken into our safe custody, after a terrible 14 hour gang rape ordeal. The girls were abducted at gun point while using a field as a toilet. (click here) The two sisters were suffering great trauma after their ordeal, which was compounded by threats from other young men of a repeat attack, claiming it was what Christians deserved. We installed a washroom facility in their home as they were too scared and traumatis...

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Family of Nouman Masih (RIP) speak of the great solace they have knowing he is in heaven in a place without intolerance and free of pain.

BPCA Pakistan lead officer Mehwish Bhatti prays with the family of Nouman Masih. Today British Pakistani Christian Association Lead Pakistan Officer Mehwish Bhatti met with the family of deceased teenager Nouman Masih (RIP).  The unfortunate 15 year old was set alight after being doused in kerosene by Muslim youths in Pakistan after he admitted he was Christian, when questioned.   By a miracle he survived the initial attack despite being treated at Mayo Hospital without a special burns unit.  However, after five days and plastic surgery - treatment despite his health vulnerability - he passed away on Friday. Mehwish Bhatti met his paternal uncl...

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Gun attack on Christian school in Lahore leave boy and security officer with injuries

Teenager Lucky (15 years) was shot in the arm and his motorcycle was stolen from him by the gunmen who shot at St Franciscan High School, Lahore. Please sign our petition (click here) Only two days after the funeral of Nouman Masih, a teenager of only 15 who was set alight after being covered in kerosene by two masked Muslim men on bikes (click here), Christians in Lahore have been targeted by gunmen culminating in injuries to a 15 year old student named Lucky and Muslim security officer Muhammed Amir who was protecting the school. The attack occurred at St Franciscan High School in Behar Colony, Kot Lakhput, Lahore and is only 20 miles away from the recent...

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Nouman Masih (RIP)

Nouman Masih only 15 years of age (RIP) Another Pakistani Christian Martyr   I am so saddened to have to share some heartbreaking news. Nouman Masih the 15 year old boy who was targeted in a vicious attack by Muslims in Pakistan who were offended by his adherence to the Christian faith, died this morning. The hospital he was being treated in did not have a special burns unit, and we were unable to get him moved to another hospital due to the frail condition he was in. Nouman was brave throughout his pain and spoke of forgiveness for his attackers. He dies a martyr and will no doubt be with the Lord today. Please...

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Eritrean Christian Cab Driver shares time with BPCA

L-R  Nathanael Lewis Trustee of the BPCA (holding Hebrew Bible), Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA (Holding Urdu Bible), Samuel an Eritrean Christian Cab driver (holding Eritrean Bble) and Harpal Singh Saini Trustee of Kingdom Ministries (holding Punjabi Bible). On Easter Sunday Wilson Chowdhry our Chairman attended BBC Studios at Portland Place, London (near Regent Street) to hold an interview with BBC Nottingham on the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, and a further interview with BBC London on matters of a more social nature relating to Pak-origin Christians in the UK. The interviews were a real success with several public calls made to the BBC Lond...

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Nouman Maish's interview with the BPCA

Transcript: Last interview of Nouman Masih with the BPCA representative Naveed Naveed : What is your name? Nouman : My name is Nouman Masih and my father's name is Nadeem Masih Naveed : what happened during the attack? Nouman : I was returning to stitching class from the overlock stitching shop and on my way back two boys surrounded me on bikes and stopped me. One was wearing shalwar kameez and the other was wearing western trousers and a shirt. I was hurrying to the shop as the Tailoring teacher told me to come back quickly. Both the motorcyclists had their faces covered. They started abusing and asked me who I was and what my faith was. I said I am Christian and ...

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Hatred towards Christians in Lahore results in teenager being severely burned!

Nouman Masih (15 years) survived hate attack! Please sign our petition (click here) Update on the 15th April saddly Nouman passed away from his injuries click here for more. Yesterday Friday 10th April Muslim extremists tried to burn a Christian teenager alive in Lahore.  The boy, 15 year old Nouman Masih, was shutting up shop in the Tailor’s shop he was working at, at about the time Muslims were going to Friday prayers when two young men came up to him and asked him his religion.  When he said ‘Christian’ they started to beat him, and when he ran away, they chased him, threw petrol on him and set him alight.  He came across a pile of sand an...

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Pakistani Christian refugees shackled and beaten - no end to their misery!

Image of shackled Pak-Christian asylum seekers provided by Pastor Patrick Sarooj  Those relatively few Pakistani Christians who manage to escape to other countries are often not out of danger or trouble.  Even in the UK, we have had at least one instance of a refugee facing physical attacks and false charges typical of Pakistan within a couple of weeks of coming out of the asylum process and into the council housing program of a major Midland city, and abuse within the asylum process is rife, particularly at the detention centres.  However, Pakistani Christians who flee to other countries often have it much, much worse.  Thailand is a case i...

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Redbridge Easter Parade a huge success!

Crowds greeted the procession into our town centre. The community of Redbridge were treated to an extravagant parade and festival to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ on Monday 6th April 2015,   The event which has been operating for three years is galvanising solidarity between the local church community that has historically been divided, the main organising body is growing every year and now includes seven churches from around Redbridge: British Pakistani Christian Association, Eden Christian Centre, EDF Tamil Church, Gateway Church Ilford Methodist Church, Ilford Seventh Day Adventist Church, Kingdom Ministries, and Liberty Christian Connectio...

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