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The Targeting of minority "Others" in Pakistan "Pakistan"

Excerpt from the Targeting of "Minority Others" in Pakistan With a population estimated at over 187 million and as the fifth most populous country in the world and the second most populous country with a Muslim majority Pakistan has been experiencing a major human rights crisis in recent years. Minority Rights Group International, in its annual State of the World’s Minorities reports for both 2007 and 2008, for example, placed Pakistan in the top ten (out of nearly 200 states) of its lists of states violating minority rights. “The recent wave of intolerance toward minorities”, Ahmed Rashid has argued, “is a sign of the rapid deterioration o...

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The Targeting of minority "Others" in Pakistan "Who this book is for"

Excerpt from the Targeting of "Minority Others" in Pakistan In this highly politicised context in which human rights violations against the ‘minority Other’ have been taking place in Pakistan, and many asylum seekers and human rights campaigners have been – and are being – targeted for deportation and/or criminalisation in the UK for exposing the injustices and targeting that befalls the ‘minority Other’, we hope that concerned members of parliament, the public, anti-deportation campaigners, asylum seekers appealing their deportation notices, human rights organisations and campaigners, policy makers, lawyers, students, academic...

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Christian politician assassinated by own bodyguard

A Pakistani Christian politician, an MPA in the Balochistan Provincial Assembly Mr Handery Masih, was assassinated outside his home by his own bodyguard today. He died of his injuries in hospital shortly after. His nephew was also injured in the assault by bodyguard Ghulam Mohi-ud-din, according to reports from the scene. The exact motivation for the attack is unknown, but it comes after a moderate Muslim governor was assassinated several years ago by his own bodyguard for opposing the blasphemy laws, and the assassination of Pakistan's most senior Christian politician, Federal Government minister Bhatti soon after over the same cause. BPCA chairman Mr Wilson ...

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The Targeting of "Minority" Others In Pakistan 12 year old Shazia Bashir

Rape and murder victim Shazia Bashir was presented to her mother. Some lawyers groups are, to all intents and purposes, Muslim extremist pressure groups in themselves, whom police are often afraid to go against, as witnessed in last year’s case of the 12 year old Shazia Bashir, a Christian girl who was raped, beaten and tortured to death by her employer, a supreme court advocate. The police covered up the cause of death by falsifying the autopsy until the family ordered a second autopsy, and the police refused point blank to accept a report about the murder. Thank you for reading this and please know that your sharing, liking and commenting on this post go...

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Vigil for Meriam Ibrahim brought people of good conscience together.

Lyn Julius leader of Harif a group that represents Middle Eastern and North African Jews and Wilson Chowdhry Chair of the BPCA stand united against oppression of Minorities. Sign our petition for Meriam Ibrahim (click here) Today (Friday 6th June 2014) Christians of all diversities and humanitarians from other Minority Groups met outside the Sudanese Embassy and demanded freedom and justice for Meriam Ibrahim. People were drawn to the protest event after hearing the tragic story of the Christian Sudanese doctor who was sentenced to death and to 100 lashes for apostasy, that is converting from Islam to Christianity, and for adultery, that is marrying a man who ...

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The BPCA will be collaborating with Christian Voice to hold a witness for Meriam Ibrahim outside the Sudanese Embassy on Friday 6th June 2014 from 2pm to 4pm. Sign our petition here: (click here) This is despite false reports of Meriam's imminent release. The address of the Sudanese Embassy is 3 Cleveland Row, St. James, London SW1A 1DD Meriam Ibrahim is the Christian Sudanese doctor sentenced to death and to 100 lashes for apostasy, that is converting from Islam to Christianity, and for adultery, that is marrying a man who is not a Muslim. Despite Meriam being brought up by her mother as a Christian, she counts as Muslim according to Sudanese law because her fath...

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Excerpt from the targeting of "Minority Others" in Pakistan "Uk Border Agency"

The UK Border Agency rejected his assertion that his family had been threatened and his brother beaten by militants looking for him. In other words, they think it was made up. One of the reasons they gave for disbelieving him is that his family also never went to the authorities. The fixation the BA official has with the fact that people did not go to the police indicates ignorance of the fact that very many crime victims do not go to the police in Pakistan because of police corruption and fear of blackmail by the police. Christians especially have found that going to police often means police refusing to take reports of incidents, and, indeed, often using the kidna...

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Apparent honour killing leads to murder of 25 year old pregnant mother!

Pakistan:In an apparent 'honour killing' a 25-year-old pregnant woman was stoned to death by her own family at the gate of Lahore High Court in Pakistan Tuesday for marrying the man of her choice. According to Police,Farzana Parveen, resident of Faisalabad, had married Mohammad Iqbal of Jaranwala a few months ago against the wishes of her family. Nearly 20 people attacked both the husband and wife in broad daylight before a crowd of people and in the presence of security guards. The husband later described how police watched the attack silently.Farzana, who was three-months pregnant, died while her husband managed to escape. Today Thursday,29 May,2014,Prime Min...

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Asia Bibi faced with ignominy of her fifth deferred Appeal hearing!

Pakistan: Asia Bibi the Christian mother of five who is facing a death penalty and his been incarcerated for five years, was devastated on discovering her Appeal Hearing has been cancelled today. Please sign our petition for Asia Bibi (Click here) This is now the fifth deferment of Asia Bibi's appeal against the false blasphemy charges that have ruined her life and devastated her family. Advocate Mushtaq Gill said; "We have concerns about those who are languishing in jails due to their faith including Asia Bibi and innocent Sawan Masih, but the mob of extremists who burnt Christian homes including Churches in Bedami Bagh, Lahore are walking free without punish...

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Excerpt from The Targeting of “ Minority Others” in Pakistan "Blasphemy"

Excerpt from the targeting of Minority 'Others' in Pakistan Concerning the shameful manner in which many Pakistani Christians and ‘Others’ are denied asylum in the UK, Nasir Saeed notes that: If any Westerner has any doubt as to the severity of the situation, they need only consider the accusation of blasphemy levelled against an 8th grade pupil at a school near Abbottabad because she misspelled a word in a class test. The school’s decision to expel her only proves the extent to which the blasphemy laws are being misused. Yet, the British Government appears almost determined not to let any asylum seeker in, no matter how desperate or endangered th...

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