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Police and Preston Council address Hackney Carriage driver's rape threat in apostacy-hatred rant


Preston Taxi-driver who threatened to sodomise converts  from Islam to Christianity after seeing a baptism - which includes a profession of faith - on Facebook turned in his license to the review board 9th of January. An online outcry was registered and a petition launched by a private citizen garnered almost 2000 signatures. A police investigation was also initiated and his Hackney Carriage license is under review.   Read our original story (here)

A Hackney Carriage Driver Zaheer Hussain (41 yrs) who launched a hate-filled tirade, threatening to rape any apostates from Islam who convert to Christianity, stood in front of the Preston City Council’ Taxi and Miscellaneous Committee today to turn in his taxi licence .

After being caught and reported to the police for his disturbing threats, which were strewn with profanity Mr Z.Hussain tried to palm them off as it they were made as a humorous jest.  In a second video in which Mr Z. Hussain self-identified himself as a “happy chappy” and provided a rather disingenuous apology. (click here)

Insulted by the apology many ex-Muslims have written to the BPCA and asked for the Police and Preston Council to be informed that Mr Z. Hussain has not apologised to ex-Muslims, despite Islam-quitters being the main target of his hate speech. They say it is easier for radical Muslims like this to apologise to Christians to deflect from the fact that they cannot do so for apostates who are simply anathema to them.  

This video is purposely blurred to protect Muhammed Fiaz.

BPCA is now calling for the prosecution of his friend who accompanied him during the tirade. At no point did he admonish him to stop but rather he laughed along, and shared the vile message on Facebook. This friend even had the audacity to remove his shoe from his foot and waved it into the phone camera aggressively as Mr Z.Hussain threatened to beat a new believer who had converted from Islam with shoes.  Thus far we have heard nothing further of any arrest of the companion who clearly is enjoying himself and is equally complicit in the demeaning threat.  To read our previous coverage (click here)

A concerned citizen launched a petition to have Mr Z. Hussain's license suspended and mortified viewers of all diversities registered their dismay at the graphic threats.

See video of the the vile rant in the embedded video or click (here)

The police later arrested Mr Z. Hussain for “suspicion of religiously aggravated harassment” and bail has been posted until 16th of January, despite the seriousness of the threat made to any converts from Islam in the UK.

British Pakistani Christian Association, emailed Preston Council on 30nd December 2018, demanding the revocation of Mr Z. Hussain's Taxi licence based on the danger this man is to society with such firmly held hatred for kaffir (non-Muslims).  A response came back on 2 January 2019 from Mike Thorpe the Licensing Manager that stated:

"I confirm receipt of the email you sent to the Council on 30 December 2018 and write to inform you that the licensed hackney carriage driver concerned is currently the subject of a police investigation to which the Council are co-operating with.

"In addition the Council has decided to review the driver’s hackney carriage driver licence and a hearing will take place on 9 January 2019."

Today (9th January) Mr Z. Hussain’s taxi license is suspended until a decision is made by the review committee as is required by existing protocol.

In a statement, a Preston City Council spokesperson said:

“During the course of the hearing, the driver agreed to hand-in their Hackney Carriage driver’s licence by the close of business today, and has already done so.

“This will be in effect until the completion of the related police investigation and any subsequent legal processes."     

The spokesman continued:

“The driver will be unable to drive a Hackney Carriage in Preston until reappearing before the Taxi and Miscellaneous Committee for a full licence review.

”Following the release of the video a petition calling for the Deepdale-based driver’s licence to be revoked was launched and has now reached almost 2,000 signatures." 

Wilson Chowdhry said:

“In 2017 BPCA submitted an apostasy hatred report to the UK Home Office, clearly asserting that converts from Islam face an imminent threat of persecution or death in Britain.

“Brave witnesses testified to the great fear and trauma they endured after when they were targeted by Muslim family and community members for quitting Islam.

"Sadly the UK Home Office have ignored the research we gleaned through hard endeavour and simply ignored it without reason."  

A copy of our submission which was handed in on time can still be viewed publicly on the UK Home Office website (click here)

Today we have reminded the UK Home Office, Hate Crime Enquiry Team of our submission and asked for their reasons for not including the content which provided several recommendations on how to tackle Kaffirophobia.

Apostacy-hatred in the UK is a very real phenomena that is deeply felt by those leaving Islam the majority religion of their ethnic community and even those individuals with different faith origins experimenting with Islam who later change their minds.

Examples of this include Nissar Hussain who openly declared his conversion and suffered 17 years of persecution in Bradford, during which an empty home next door to him was set ablaze in hope his home would also catch fire, an incident that required him to escape a smoke-filled house with his wife and young children.

He later relocated his family and suffered eggs and fireworks being thrown at his home, several Halloween scares, his car being smashed at least 6 times a year on average and a pummelling for Mr N. Hussain (click here for video footage) resulting in him being hospitalised for 14 days (click here).

The police initially took the advice of MP Naz Shah and a cartel of Muslim Councillors (who allegedly) aggravated the situation by joining threatening street parties across the road from Mr N. Hussain and minimised the attack when they listed the crime as merely a neighbourhood dispute. 

BPCA were later given a two week deadline to help Mr N. Hussain vacate his home after the local Police Inspector advised BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry that they could not protect Mr N. Hussain as his life was under imminent threat of death. After helping him move a 4 vehicle entourage with 16 armed police officers escorted Wilson Chowdhry and Mr N. Hussain as they collected a box from Mr N. Hussain's former home. View ITV footage of police escort (click here)

Some radical Muslims go even further and express a total hatred for non-Muslims.  Mr Chowdhry, described how for many years he was being threatened with the consequences of adhering to his Christian faith, he said:

“I experienced this myself 4 years ago when an Islamist who lived behind my offices frequently told me I might as well convert to Islam before it was too late. 

“He showed me threatening videos of him training jihadi fighters at an undisclosed gym on Ilford Lane, which I later came to find out was connected with the London Bridge attack. (click here).

"I informed local Police about the threats but they did nothing, moreover they also refused to help a man who quit Islam and was threatened by a local mosque. He had to flee his home to protect his family. (click here)

"Bradford Police backdated all crimes against Mr N. Hussain and his family as hate-crimes during the last two years of his stay in Bradford - after involvement of the BPCA.  This action corrected a long-standing faux-pas that had blunted the investigation of the hate-crimes the family had endured for so long. 

“Hate speech against vulnerable religious minorities aren’t taken seriously and many actual victims suffer alone, people of good conscience must show solidarity with victims if we want to fashion a safer society for ourselves.

"Where the Met police and Bradford police failed, it seems South Yorkshire Police have succeeded and we praise their efforts in arresting and charging Mr Z. Hussain.  We also commend Preston Council in making the right decision by suspending the licence of Mr Z. Hussain who we believe is a danger to society."

In October 2017 Tajamal Amar, a food delivery person, was brutalised, left brain injured, and unable to work after three men attacked him from behind.

Bearded men watched him over the course of several days expressing their displeasure at the cross hanging from his rear view mirror and poppies on the front of his work vehicle.

The Muslim men who were known to frequent the area had been known to behave in this fashion before, and one had recently got out of jail.  No charges could be laid, because witnesses refused to come forward despite CCTV footage being available in businesses along the street.

Tajamal believes the men may have thought he was as an apostate explaining the unwarranted attack. Meanwhile police forces across the country fail to understand why apostates are being attacked and threatened in their communities.  They believe the pseudo acceptance of Christians in Muslim areas of Britain is evidence that Christians are safe failing to understand the specific verse in the Islamic Hadith that calls for death for apostates:

'Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him' Hadith - Sahih Al-Bukhari (9:57)

Wilson Chowdhry said:

“All instances of apostacy-hatred must be taken seriously – the threat is very real!

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