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Wilson Chowdhry Live with John Bosco on Sky 714 at 8:30pm


Image of Wilson Chowdhry, Alan Craig and John Bosco taken in 2017.

Wilson Chowdhry spoke to Gateway Gazette TV programme with John Bosco on 18th October 2018 to provide an update on the situation regarding Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand:

Their regular programme can be watched every second Thursday at 8pm, on Facebook, Sky 714 or YouTube. Go to the MATV channel watch live.

Wilson Chowdhry has appeared several times on this channel that has been serving the Pak-Christian community for 10-11 years and become a leading voice for minorities across the globe.  Please pray for the channel which serves great purpose for our many campaigns and is considered a Godsend by the BPCA.

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