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Young Christian boy of only 7 killed when terrorist grenade struck Christian village in Baluchistan


Young Lucky Saleem (RIP) lost his life to Islamists at only 7 years of age.
The Christian community of Pakistan is in mourning today after a grenade attack targeting an innocent Christian Village in Chaman led to the death of a boy of only seven years old and injuries to another child.  The explosion also caused significant damage to a number of homes in the vicinity.

The blast is said to have taken place at the main gate of the community and reports state that deviant Islamists used a grenade which was thrown at the community gate to cause the devastation.  Both children were taken to Chaman Hospital however It was too late to save one child who was declared dead on arrival, the injured child is said to be recovering in  Chaman Hospital.

"It was a hand grenade which caused the explosion at the colony's gate," Gul Mohammad, a police officer, told English daily Dawn. "The blast also smashed windows in nearby homes," he said.

The slain child has been named as Lucky and BPCA officer Mehwish will be visiting his family and other victims tomorrow to provide, counselling, support and other assistance.

The attack on the Christian community occurred only two days after terrorists clad in burkas massacred 9 people and injured a further 35 people - mostly students, when they stormed an agricultural research centre in Peshawar, after entering the premises in a innocuous-looking rickshaw.

Students described how they fled in panic as the fierce attack erupted.  Security forces reacted quickly and shot dead all the assailants at the building near Peshawar some minutes later.
Photographic and video images across media showed bullet holes in walls, bloodstains and broken glass across the university campus. Security forces later recovered hand grenades and an explosive vest from the scene.

The attacks happened as the millions of Muslims in the country were celebrating Milid Milad-un Nabi (the birthday of Muhammad).

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

"Despite the lives affected by the attack on the Christian community in Pakistan, Pakistan's media was suppressed by the Government of Pakistan.  The attempted shut out of any news of this attack which killed an innocent Christian life of only 7 years, illustrates the low worth placed on Christians. Especially when you see the huge coverage made of the attack on the agricultural college.

"Even worse a Taliban spokesperson stated the attack on the agricultural college was due to links with Pakistan's military.  This is no justification of the attack but is important to note, as the attack on Christians was simply because of the pariah status they have in Pakistan. A consequence of years of hate ideology having been inculcated in the minds of young people in Pakistan, through the use of media and a national curriculum that demonizes minorities.  A national curriculum that itself is sponsored by DFID funding yet our British MP's refuse to terminate the budget.

"Christians across the country are in great fear.  Christmas and Easter are a popular time of year for Islamists to attack our Christian communities as we gather together for large celebrations.  

"The failure by the Government of Pakistan to suppress the Taliban and IS factions mean that every Pak-Christian celebration will be tainted with anxiety and I am certain there will be even more pain and suffering to be experienced yet.  If we created a 'Foxe's Book of Martyrs' for Pakistan we would run out of pages very quickly."

British Pakistani Christian Association have initiated an appeal to pay for the funeral costs of Lucky Saleem, repairs to the houses of those affected and for us to provide free counselling and prayer to the many families affected by this latest violence.  If you would like to contribute, please (click here)

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