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Unwanted items become source of joy for deprived Christians in Pakistan


Image of trustee Juliet delivering bags of reusable itmes to our local cargo services provider.

During the UK's second lockdown we sent 13 bags of clothes, toys, accessories and household goods to Pakistan.  Our main priority was to first distribute these items to homeless people in the UK before sharing what remains with Pak-Christians.  All the items will go to a number of needy people distributed through local partner churches in Lahore.

We no longer have our community centre depot for collections and are looking into the possibility of placing an unwanted items recycling box somewhere in Redbridge and perhaps Chigwell.  Items will then be collecetd by volunteers and distributed as before on the three days we serve the homeless at Clementswood Community Centre and then shipping what is left to Pakistan.

Our last delivery to Pakistan was submitted to a local cargo company this month and will arrive in approxiamately 3 months.

We share some of the images of the bags that have arrived, of which 6 have already made it across despite the huge delay to shipments due to COVID-19.  

Our work supporting the homeless of Redbridge and surrounding boroughs still has some costs, such as the cost for masks, food boxes, petrol for collections and deliveries, handsanitizer and the cost of shipping items to Pakistan. If you are moved by the details of our work and would like to donate to this work, then please click (here).

Items are washed and folded before distribution but nevertheless get damaged somewhat in our shipping bags.

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